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Jean Slatter’s self-help books and spiritual guidance courses will help you access your intuition and higher wisdom. Let Creative Mystic open the door to a life of personal enlightenment, holistic well being and abundance in every way. Explore where your life and soul meet.



author of Hiring the Heavens and creator of the Creative Mystic Intuitive and Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Programs

What Can Creative Mystic Do for You?

audio-and-ebooks-joyful-pictureAre you tired of chasing the same personal issue over
and over again, and falling
back on what you’ve
always done before just
because you didn’t know
where to turn?

Find Clarity, Direction, and Purpose in your life through
our Audio and Ebooks!

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self-study-courses-picture-of-eyeWould you like to open a conversation and gain insight from your Divine self?

Would you like to expand
your awareness of what’s
possible for your life,
your relationships,
and your business?

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certification-courses-picture-of-man-on-mountaintopDo you have a calling to help others on their path to
personal empowerment?

Are you looking for a fulfilling career that will skyrocket
your own personal growth
as well?

This is your opportunity to change your life and have the career of a lifetime!