Find Your Purpose Life Coaching

Higher Guidance Life Coach Session

Jean Slatter

Do you desire to know your life's purpose?
Do you know what gifts of Spirit are?
What is your soul's mission?
Are you poised at the edge of the universe and asking, "Is that all there is?"
Have you been experiencing a desire for something more?

The desire to know our purpose has been a deep longing within each of us since the beginning of time. The question "Why am I here?" ranges from a superficial "What's the best job for me?" to a profound yearning that demands "Why do I exist?" Realization of our unique purpose is quintessential to fulfillment and understanding our place within the greater scheme of life.

The Find Your Purpose Life Coaching is a five session program, each session is one hour long over the phone.  In these sessions you will meet your esteemed celestial High Council and learn to recognize their advice and guidance. You will find out what is on your life resume' and get clarity on your unique Gifts of Spirit. You will learn how to negotiate your contract and co-create the life of your dreams. You will discover your soul's mission and in doing so fulfill your greatest commitment.

Take the mystery out and gain the confidence to express your Light as you walk your magical path in life with greater purpose and clarity.

“For the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of coaches for assistance with my personal and professional needs. I have also trained over 300 coaches in California. It is from this broad experience base, that I can state, Jean Slater is by far the best coach I have met! In a relatively short time frame Jean was able to get to the heart of an issue that had been perplexing me for years. Using her deep intuitive skills she was able to talk to my Higher Guidance and get the straight scoop. Finally I have clarity about what I really want in my business and a greater sense of peace in my personal life.” — Lorna S.

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“I had been going through what could probably be classified as a mid-life crisis when I decided to contact Jean Slatter.  All I can say within the few sessions we have had so far, I absolutely cannot believe how tapping into my “Higher Guidance” has brought me such a sense of clarity and peace that I have not had in many years!  I had gone through a few life changing events over the last 7 to 8 years and was truthfully feeling rather dead and afraid inside.  As much as I had an idea of what path I should be going in, the fear of the “unknown”, feeling not quite good enough, was severely holding me back from living a life that I knew I was meant to live. I am finally trusting my intuition, having come to the realization  that the events that have taken place, people I have met over the last couple of years have all been carefully orchestrated by my “Higher Guidance” to get me where I am supposed to be.  I have learned a great deal about myself (with some of those realizations totally flooring me).   Talk about an “AHA” moment!  I am absolutely excited to get to that next phase in life!  And I am so looking forward to finding out what will be revealed in our coming sessions!  Thanks so much Jean for guiding me on this journey.”
— Carol P.

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“I have followed my head instead of my heart all of my life. Higher Guidance Life Coaching showed me how to listen to the messages of my heart and create miracles.” — Susan R.

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“No one could have told me how delightfully my life would change after going through Higher Guidance Life Coaching. There is definitely more peace, meaning and enjoyment. I now view my life as a fantastic journey full of wonderment and blessings” — Kim B.

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“Higher Guidance Life Coaching is having a tremendous positive impact on my businesses. Within a few weeks doing a clearing on my "willingness to make money as a health practitioner," six new clients have come in. Two of the six have already scheduled subsequent appointments. In addition, sales for my body care line increased, and two new clients purchased products.” — Jen E.

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Higher Guidance Life Coach Session


Note:  Subsequent sessions are $295

How Can I Schedule An Appointment With You, Jean?

  • The best way is to email me at to set up an appointment or you can call (916) 663-1665
  • All appointments are conducted by phone.
  • International calls are free through Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.


How Much Does a Higher Guidance Coaching Session Cost?

  • The initial hour is $395.
  • Subsequent hours are $295.

NOTE: Once the initial hour has been paid, the system will automatically give you a $100 discount for subsequent sessions.