like no other

"It's like the most fantastic treasure hunt you can imagine, and YOU are the PRIZE!"

Do you desire a deeper awareness of who you are and why you are here?

Do you feel a calling to help others understand their life's journey?


"My mission is to, first and foremost, teach you how to tap into your Higher Guidance as your constant companion for self-discovery and to ignite a passion for exploring where your life and soul meet.

Secondly, to give you the tools you need to create an exhilarating and rewarding career as either a Creative Mystic Intuitive or a Higher Guidance Life Coach: showing you how to harness the infinite wisdom of Higher Guidance which provides the quickest, most accurate and relevant counsel for your clients so they can finally make sense of their life's journey and ultimately create the life of their dreams. " -Jean Slatter 


Are you ready to take personal and/or professional growth to the next level?

We have two great certification programs to help YOU reach your highest potential!

Featuring the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification Program and the Higher Guidance Life Coach™ Certification Program!

Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification Program

3 Month Program


Become a Creative Mystic Intuitive™ and gain the skills you need to know yourself more fully than you've ever known, as well as guide others on a path to self-discovery. It’s full of tools, practical steps, and specific methods for awakening your intuitive abilities through your connection to Higher Guidance. This is designed for personal growth and as a career choice to help others make sense of their life and soul.


Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Module

The time has come for you to experience a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER from your celestial friends!

TQ Advantage Module

Discovering and raising your TQ is so much fun that it will become your go-to method for receiving answers for you and your clients!

Creative Mystic™ Spiritual Studies Module

Come to a whole new understanding of your life and what your purpose is! Imagine waking up in the morning charged with enthusiasm for the grand adventure of life and bursting with the energy to create!


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Higher Guidance Life Coach™ Certification Program

Advanced 3 Month Program


Become a Higher Guidance Life Coach™ and be part of a high caliber of life coaches who have the advantage of being able to tap into Higher Guidance. This quintessential form of coaching is unique and honors the innate wisdom that knows everything about you. Higher Guidance gives you the fastest, most efficient way to get the heart of any issue!

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ 3 month certification program

Find out HOW TO COACH DIRECTLY FROM HIGHER GUIDANCE with this advanced 3 month module!

Higher Guidance Life Coach™ Module

The Higher Guidance Life Coach™ Certification Program continues on after the first three modules of Creative Mystic Intuitive™. This program adds an additional module teaching very advanced modalities and techniques for healing mind, body and spirit. This training is perfect for those who want to go more in depth with their personal growth and career opportunities by adding a strong working knowledge of the energy body and the minds of consciousness. Students learn how to identify imbalances and apply healing modalities to restore well-being for personal empowerment. This is a 3 month advanced study available to graduates of the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ program.


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