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Hiring the Heavens Companion Workbook (eBook)

Organize your Hiring the Heavens committees in one place with this handy companion workbook. Everything you need to know is included as a review so that you can get started right away. This workbook provides you with the step by step instructions along with full page forms for managing your committees.
Sections include “Hiring in the Spirit Realm”, “Hiring as the Creator”, and “Designing Your Committees.”
Available as an ebook download.
Only $4.95 (plus shipping if applicable.)
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Hiring the Heavens Audio MP3

Listen to Hiring the Heavens, narrated by the author Jean Slatter, wherever you are. Digital download MP3 format.

Only $19.95 (plus shipping if applicable.)
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Higher Guidance Journaling: Level 1 (eBook)

We all have an innate longing to know ourselves. We find ourselves asking the question, “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of this?” This is the awakening of the Creative Mystic that lives inside of us. These big questions initiate the quest of the mystic and we find ourselves on a path of exploration and discovery.
This manual provides a foundation for Higher Guidance Journaling and a great introduction to some of the many useful tools that are available to you.

Only $14.95 (plus shipping if applicable.)
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Creative Mystic Journal Pages (ebook)

Why wait to receive the Journal Pages every 12 days when you can have them all right now. Enjoy insights from my journaling with Higher Guidance as I tackle the big questions such as “who are we?” “why do we exist?” and “what is our purpose?”

I hold nothing back. You receive it just as I did from my journaling.

Only $9.95 (plus shipping if applicable.)
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Higher Guidance Way to Unleash the Secret Power of Wants (eBook)

Knowing what you want should be second nature. Still, there is unrest for many of you being drawn to the title of “The Secret Power of Wants” and you intuitively know there is much to be explored. Knowing what you want sounds so simple and straightforward, yet the symptoms of not knowing are obvious and rampant. The Higher Guidance Way to Unleash the Secret Power of Wants explodes the myth that we are motivated by our needs, and unveils the energy that comes with doing what you want to do. Learn easy methods of accessing your higher guidance to discover what you truly want and begin experiencing more energy, joy, and achievement with a purpose driven life.

Only $37.95 (plus shipping if applicable.)