Art by Jean Gold
Jean at art show

The Angels Made Me Do It

It was my 63rd birthday and I was at a spiritual retreat with my "goddess gathering" group. On the first night I asked everyone what they needed to do to bring in more joy. One by one we went around the room giving our answers.

I was the last to go. I had not pre-thought what I was going to say but out of my mouth popped "diversify." As soon as I said it, I wondered where did that come from and what did it mean. I offered no other explanation to the group because I was unsure of what to say.

The next day I was determined to receive clarification so I asked my Angel Committee (read my book Hiring the Heavens to understand what that means) to guide me to an explanation. There were a number of oracle card decks on the countertop. I was guided to one in particular, shuffled the deck, laid the cards out unceremoniously and quickly picked a card.

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Creative Mystic Art

I turned the card over and its title was "Diversify!"

Then my Angel Committee explained that I had been singularly focused for too long on creating my spiritual work that I needed to diversify by bringing in activities that had nothing to do with business and my work as a spiritual teacher.

When the angels tell you to do something, you do it. Immediately upon arriving home I started playing pickleball at a local park, joined a health club and took Zumba classes, accepted more luncheon invitations from my ladies group, and began artistic painting again.

I had painted in my younger years for family and friends but then life became all too busy with four children and a business.  My art supplies had been abandoned in a shed for almost 30 years. The paint tube tops were impossible to unscrew and most had to be tossed.

I bought all new supplies and began exploring a technique called fluid art with acrylics. I was fascinated. I watched hours and hours of video instruction and began exploring my own process which I call Creative Mystic Art.

What I love about this technique is that it is organic.

It is very much like life. Messy, unpredictable, and magical.

I loved it so much I took over the garage space to create my art studio. To me, every creation is a spiritual experience and I am totally mesmerized watching the unfolding of the colors and movement.

I hope you enjoy my Creative Mystic Art - the angels really did make me do it.