There is only one person who could possibly know all the health factors and events that have led you to this moment in time...YOU!

Higher Guidance Life Coach Session

Jean Slatter

I believe each person's body holds all the answers to its own healing, but needs someone to understand how to listen to what the body is saying and to ask the right questions. As a Founding Senior Minister of Holistic Healing and a Creative Mystic Intuitive, I listen to and honor the body's innate wisdom to show step-by-step how healing can take place. 

If you're ready to shift your consciousness and begin to feel better, I invite you to try Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Health. Get the answers that are going to make you feel healthy and whole, and discover what you've been missing!

What is Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Health?

  • Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Health is a unique form of coaching I have developed through 20+ years experience as a Traditional Certified Naturopath.
  • It is an innovative method that involves your Higher Guidance - that innate wisdom that knows you best - pinpointing your core health issues.
  • Your consultation will reveal a prioritized approach to healing directly from your Higher Guidance to bring about the quickest route to health and wholeness.
  • During your session, we will:
    • Discover your body’s energy field imbalances and origins of dis-ease.
    • Identify beliefs and behaviors that adversely affect your health.
    • Uncover the energetic stress levels on your organs and glands.
    • Find and easily clear emotional blockages.

“The response my 7 year old son has had to Jean's work has been phenomenal. When we first contacted Jean 8 months ago he was having severe behavior problems for the past 5 years to the point of daily violent and hysterical fits. He had absolutely NO control over himself and the effect on our family was all-consuming. Jean identified some food intolerances and suggested several dietary changes. The fits were reduced almost immediately from daily to every few months! I am overjoyed beyond words to finally be able to have a positive and healthy relationship with my son.” -- Nava K.

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What can be Expected from a Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Health Session?

  • We will begin with a quick "get acquainted" time-period where I will learn what your health concerns are.
  • Following is a short meditation where I will ask you to close your eyes as I get in touch with your Higher Guidance to begin receiving information.
  • In order to tap into your very own Higher Guidance--that innate wisdom that knows everything about you--I use the perfect combination of clinical, naturopathic knowledge with intuition tools such as pendulum dowsing, tarot and other oracles.
  • I then scan your body's energy field looking for the origination of any imbalance(s).
  • Usually, your Higher Guidance addresses the concerns that we've already discussed; however, sometimes other health related issues are revealed.
  • Just know that your Higher Guidance will lead you to the fastest, most effective way to bring you to your greatest health in a prioritized way. 
  • Once your Higher Guidance reveals the root of imbalance, there are various energy healing techniques used to help clear any imbalance.
  • As with most of my consultations, this is an interactive session in which you are free to ask questions throughout the session.
  • I am able to send you the notes I have taken after the session is over.


Why Would I Want a Higher Guidance Coaching Session for Better Health?

  • You want to understand unresolved health issues.
  • You're ready to try a holistic approach to healing that incorporates the body and the mind.
  • You want to restore your health, find balance, and feel physically better!
  • You're open to new insights, breakthroughs, and transformations regarding your health.
  • You're willing to take responsibility for your health and well-being.
  • You're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

What Sort of Questions Can I Ask?

You can ask anything you'd like! However, the questions you ask are just a jumping off point. Other questions will become apparent by what your Higher Guidance wants to bring to your awareness. When you allow me to tap into your Higher Guidance, we can find some revealing answers to your health related concerns. You may be surprised by the questions and answers unveiled in a consultation

Some common questions that previous clients have asked me are:

  • Why do I keep having these headaches?
  • Is my back pain trying to tell me something?
  • Is my emotional pain manifesting into a health issue?
  • Are my health problems related to a past experience?
  • Why am I in pain and how do I stop it?
  • Am I the creator of my own pain and if so, how can I change that?
  • Will I ever be pain free?
  • Can you help me with mental and emotional pain too?
  • What is the cause of my _________? And, what can I do about it?

These are a few examples of the kinds of questions asked during a consultation. Most importantly, together we can get to the root of your health problems quickly and begin the path to health and wholeness so that you can experience more joy in your life.


Is a Higher Guidance Life Coaching Session for Better Health Right for Me? 

A Higher Guidance Life Coaching Session for Better Health will benefit you if you are:

  • Motivated to do whatever it takes to be healthy.
  • Ready to take ownership of your health.
  • Open to receiving direct information that you can't deny.
  • Willing to review your health issues with fresh eyes.
  • Ready to release old patterns or behaviors that adversely affect your health.
  • Pro-active in your healing process and the guidance you receive. 
  • Committed to your health and well-being.
  • Trusting the process of your Higher Guidance.
  • Willing and READY to make an investment in yourself.

“In her 70's my mom had chronic psoriasis covering her legs. From her point of view life had become purposeless: she had always been fun, had loved to take walks, was active in the church…it was all gone. Today, less than a month since our first appointment with Jean she is washing her windows, planting flowers, talking on the phone and cooking dinner for friends and family. The rash is almost gone. She used the word "miracle" and felt that Jean had given her life back to her.” -- Luan C.

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“The work that Jean has done with me has improved the quality of my life to such a degree that I feel like a new person. The doctor diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which has no cure but could be managed with several drugs, all with varying degrees of side effects. Needless to say when I had my appointment with Jean I was desperate but she was able to help me with nutritional and supplemental changes. I cannot thank Jean enough for giving me back a quality of life that I thought was gone forever.” -- Elizabeth C.

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Higher Guidance Life Coach Session


Note:  Subsequent sessions are $295

How Can I Schedule An Appointment With You, Jean?

  • The best way is to email me at to set up an appointment or you can call (916) 663-1665
  • All appointments are conducted by phone.
  • International calls are free through Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.


How Much Does a Higher Guidance Coaching Session Cost?

  • The initial hour is $395.
  • Subsequent hours are $295.

NOTE: Once the initial hour has been paid, the system will automatically give you a $100 discount for subsequent sessions.



“Jean's connection to the Divine restored me to health. Her natural ability and skill at "tuning in" to what my spiritual, emotional and physical body needed was amazing. Because I was too sick to leave my home due to severe vertigo and migraines, Jean and I conducted our sessions over the telephone.The results were truly miraculous. After over a year of not being able to read, watch T.V., get on a computer, or drive due to my body's hypersensitivity to stimuli, Jean was able to identify and clear the blocks in my system enabling me to start functioning again!”

— Julie G.

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“My son had frequent stomach pains. I took him to a medical doctor for six months but he could not find anything wrong. The doctor said it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack but after our very first appointment with Jean the cause was pinpointed to a parasite.Within a few weeks of using the nutritional program my son was free of his stomach pains. It's too bad that people like myself use alternative practitioners only as a last resort.”

-- Lisa K.

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“After 7 years of chronic sinus infections, stomach aches, and urinary tract infections, I have finally found an answer with Jean. It is wonderful to know you don't have to live each day feeling sick. I have referred friends and family to Jean with the assurance she will help them feel well also. Thank you Jean!”-- Ilisa G.