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A new review on my book Hiring the Heavens showed up on Amazon.  Wow, I loved it so I thought I’d post it here so you can all read it.  Thanks Jennifer for writing this.

Review of Hiring the Heavens:

Ditto everyone else’s glowing praise for this book and the technique. Here are a few of the results I’ve experienced:

Little miracles:
– I have a long history of tearing my hair out and crying with extreme frustration when I do any machine sewing. One day I’d set aside an entire day to do a project and I hired the heavens to assist me. I was finished in 1 1/2 hours.
– My long-time sweetheart and I have extremely divergent strategies for shopping and we usually grit our teeth a lot. We hired the heavens before a major shopping trip out of town and it went so smoothly that we were actually energized by the time we returned home many hours later.

BIG Miracle:
When my dear sweet mother passed, I couldn’t find the opal ring she’d promised me since I was four years old. She grew up in Australia and bought the opal for herself when she was 12 years old. The ring almost symbolized her. I scoured EVERY nook and cranny in her house, but no ring. After a year and a half, I thought I’d come to accept it, but when I read in the book about the gal successfully hiring a jewelry sleuth, I mourned the loss of my mom’s ring all over again and wished I’d known about hiring the heavens when I first discovered it missing. But then I thought, Well, it’s certainly worth a try.

A couple weeks later when getting dressed, I grabbed a knotted lone sock out of my drawer to match its mate I’d found lurking in the laundry room, and there was something heavy inside. I untied it and reached in and pulled out my mom’s ring. I am not making this up!!! This really happened!!! And yes, I had worn those socks many times in the previous year and a half.

My bottom line beliefs: We create our own reality and there’s only one of us here. Hiring the heavens helped me bridge the gap between my not being so sure that I could create a miracle and actually doing so. I see the angels as being part of me that resides on the other side of the veil which separates this physical reality from non-physical reality. The angels are the unlimited, can-do part of me. I still refer to them as “they,” but that’s just a grammatical device. I know the truth.

I encourage anyone wishing to increase their sense of well-being and their power to read this book and USE IT. Miracles DO happen!


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