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Whether you know it or not, you hold the answers to your own questions. The key is being able to access your higher guidance, that part of you that knows everything about you down to every hair on your head. Whether your questions are concerning your career, life purpose, personal goals, financial abundance, body image, or personal relationships, your Higher Guidance has the answer! However, trying to understand those answers can sometimes be confusing. Although your Higher Guidance is always operating in your best and greatest intention, you may not truly trust that innate wisdom. That’s when it’s beneficial to get an outside perspective from someone who is trained to ask the right questions and listen to what your Higher Guidance has to say.


What is Higher Guidance Coaching for a Better Life?

  • Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Life is a unique form of coaching that I have developed throughout my 20+ years as a Certified Traditional Naturopath.
  • It is a revolutionary method from It is different from traditional life coaching, which is often theoretical with predetermined questions fitting you in a box. However, by tapping into your Higher Guidance, we are able to get right down to the core of your issues receiving clarity, direction and purpose straight from you.
  • Through enlightening personal sessions, we will explore hidden, unconscious beliefs to find the source of the “programming” that is blocking or sabotaging you from achieving your desires.
  • Your Higher Guidance will illuminate important messages about the journey you are on that can easily be overlooked or missed altogether. 
  • Additionally, you will receive exact wording of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Once identified, these beliefs can be cleared leaving you with the power to make deliberate and conscious choices.
  • Finally, you will break free to live the life your soul desires. 


What Can Be Expected From a Higher Guidance Coaching for a 

Better Life Session?

  • There will be a quick "get acquainted" period where I will learn what your concerns/questions are. 
  • A short meditation follows wherein I will ask you to close your eyes, and I will get in touch with your Higher Guidance to begin receiving information.
  • Usually, your Higher Guidance answers according to the concerns that we've already discussed; however, occasionally your Higher Guidance will bring up other questions/concerns that are going to be a priority.
  • You can be assured that your Higher Guidance will lead you to the fastest, most effective way to bring you to your greatest joy.
  • In order to tap into your very own Higher Guidance - that innate wisdom that knows everything about you - I use the perfect combination of clinical, naturopathic knowledge with intuition tools such as pendulum dowsing, tarot and other oracles.
  • This is an interactive session in which you are free to ask questions throughout the session. 
  • Once your Higher Guidance reveals the root of any imbalances, there are various energy healing techniques used to help clear the imbalances.
  • I am able to send you the notes I have taken after the session is over. 


What Will a Personal Coaching Session Reveal?

Everything you've been wondering and more! For example:

  • The vital and direct messages that events in your life are sending you.
  • Clarity and direction concerning an important decision or challenging relationship.
  • The exhilaration of discovering your life’s purpose.
  • The path for greater peace and happiness to manifest the life of your dreams.
  • You will receive answers from your Higher Guidance that are as unique as you are! This is not your typical cookie cutter approach!


"Dear Dr. Slatter,How does one relate that a mere one hour session can have a powerful and immediate impact upon one's life?   The range of emotions went from laughter to feeling overwhelmed with information, to extreme depth of heartfelt feelings of happiness and sadness.  I've been in psychotherapy sessions and had "life reading" sessions and the shortcomings in those types are that they deal with the mind and one is always in the conscious mind, which means very little changes in one's life.  Higher Guidance life coaching literally goes straight to the heart.  In short, WOW!  I had an absolute BLAST!

Allowing Dr. Slatter to communicate with my Higher Guidance, gave me the permission to accept the feelings and "knowing" that was always on the periphery of my everyday conscious thoughts.  I tended to dismiss such thoughts as annoyances that addressed issues that I didn't want to act upon.  And yet, the annoying thoughts and my habitual procrastination were persistent enough that I sought help from Dr. Slatter.  Our session opened up my heart to allow my Higher Guidance to be incorporated into my life.  I'm still reeling from our session and I know I will never be the same person as before.  For once in my life, I feel centered and now I know my purpose in this life.

Thank you, Dr. Slatter, a thousand times over.

From a very grateful patient,

Helen T."

What Sort of Questions Can I Ask?

Depending on what's going on in your life, you can ask any question to help you get clarity. For example, many clients ask questions regarding finances, relationships, health and weight loss. There are no limits because your Higher Guidance is privy to all of your needs and has the most up-to-the-minute, comprehensive view possible! 

Some specific example questions could be:

  • What are my blocks to financial abundance?
  • How can I create more financial stability in my life?
  • Why am I always broke no matter what I do?(!)
  • Why can't I find the perfect mate?
  • What are my blocks to receiving love?
  • Why do my relationships keep ending?
  • Why do I keep repeating the same behaviors that seem to be unhealthy for me?
  • Why can't I lose weight?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What makes my life worth living?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • What career am I supposed to be doing?
  • What are my unique, special gifts?
  • What's the single most important thing I need to know about my life purpose?
  • What is blocking me from achieving my goals?
  • Is my emotional pain manifesting into a health issue?
  • Why does happiness seem to allude me?
  • How can I find more joy in my life?

In working together, we will get creative with questions that are specific to you.  When you allow me to tap into your Higher Guidance, we can find some revealing answers. The questions asked will depend on what you tell me and more importantly what your Higher Guidance wants to bring to your awareness. After all, your Higher Guidance knows you better than you know yourself!


Is Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Life Right For Me?

A Higher Guidance Coaching for Better Life Session will benefit you if you are:

  • Ready to make significant, meaningful changes in your life.
  • Looking to remove roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving your full potential.
  • Feeling like your intuition is trying to communicate something to you and need help understanding it.
  • Needing clarity in making important decisions.
  • Wanting help facing a challenging relationship.
  • Desiring a closer connection to Spirit and your intuition.
  • Looking for greater peace and happiness in your life.
  • Finding the message your body's symptom is trying to give you.
  • Open-minded and want to be self-empowered.
  • Open to new situations that are life-affirming.
  • Yearning for more joy out of life and willing to take action.
  • Willing and ready to let go of harmful situations, people and/or circumstances.
  • Committed to their own success and progress.
  • Able to take responsibility for your own results.
  • Willing to invest in themselves personally and financially.


Are you ready to get answers

straight from your source?

Only YOU hold the key!

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Cost of a Higher Guidance Life Coach Session

Higher Guidance Life Coach Session


Note:  Subsequent sessions are $295

How Can I Schedule An Appointment With You, Jean?

  • The best way is to email me at to set up an appointment or you can call (916) 663-1665
  • All appointments are conducted by phone.
  • International calls are free through Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom.


How Much Does a Higher Guidance Coaching Session Cost?

  • The initial hour is $395.
  • Subsequent hours are $295.

NOTE: Once the initial hour has been paid, the system will automatically give you a $100 discount for subsequent sessions.


“Higher Guidance Life Coaching is having a tremendous positive impact on my businesses. Within a few weeks of doing a clearing on my “willingness to make money as a health practitioner,” six new clients have come in. Two of the six have already scheduled subsequent appointments. In addition, sales for my body care line increased, and two new clients purchased products.”

--Jen E.

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“I continue to feel lighter and uplifted since our session. I truly feel that I've had a breakthrough. Your process was very intriguing and resonated deep within. It was like an "aha" moment as I realized what my guides and guidance had been trying to tell me. There was an immense sense of gratitude I felt to know how divinely guided I am. I made a desperate plea to the universe for help and I was led to your website. I feel a clarity and shift on the issue we worked on. I feel more comfortable in my home, my skin and my "being."

Thank you so much! I will not hesitate to call for another session although it seems with that one shift, other things are shifting and unfolding as well. I love the way this works!! Keep doing what you're doing. This is some of the most valuable work and healing that I've encountered.”

-- M.N., Maryland

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“I had been going through what could probably be classified as a mid-life crisis when I decided to contact Jean Slatter.  All I can say within the few sessions we have had so far, I absolutely cannot believe how tapping into my “Higher Guidance” has brought me such a sense of clarity and peace that I have not had in many years!  I had gone through a few life changing events over the last 7 to 8 years and was truthfully feeling rather dead and afraid inside.  As much as I had an idea of what path I should be going in, the fear of the “unknown”, feeling not quite good enough, was severely holding me back from living a life that I knew I was meant to live.    

I am finally trusting my intuition, having come to the realization  that the events that have taken place, people I have met over the last couple of years have all been carefully orchestrated by my “Higher Guidance” to get me where I am supposed to be.  I have learned a great deal about myself (with some of those realizations totally flooring me).   Talk about an “AHA” moment!  I am absolutely excited to get to that next phase in life!  And I am so looking forward to finding out what will be revealed in our coming sessions!  Thanks so much Jean for guiding me on this journey.”

 --Carol P.


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Only YOU hold the key!


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