Dreaming – why we should never stopWritten by Jean Slatter

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Dreams are magical.

The very essence of individual experience begins with dreaming about something beyond what we have; something beyond our immediate reach. We all have dreams. It starts at a very young age, maybe even before we are conscious about it, but eventually we know there are dreams.

I can remember daydreaming often as a child. I had a favorite big rock in our pasture where I would lay and watch the clouds go by as the delicious warm summer rays of sun tickled my face. I would spend hours lost in daydreaming. Dreaming of the man I would someday meet to sweep me off my feet. Dreaming of the life I would lead of travel and adventure. Dreaming of the home I would create.

Dreaming is second nature to all of us.

It’s deep within our soul and is ever-present. We would not have created anything without dreaming of it first. Sometimes as we grow older we mistakenly fall into the trap of feeling guilty about dreaming as if there is something immature or selfish about it. We are told to put aside our childhood fantasies. We may even believe that it is better not to dream lest we be disappointed.

To the contrary if we set aside our dreaming we stop growing. Any accomplishment of mankind, big or small, began with dreaming. We can call them something more mature; goals, aspirations, desires, visions. Regardless of the name, they are still all dreams inspired by our need to reach beyond ourselves.

How do dreams become reality versus fantasy?


Every one of us has indulged in dreaming that we know will turn out to be nothing more than wishful thinking. But even though we are aware it is fantasy it is still fun to think of the what if’s. What if I found a million dollars? What if I was given the keys to that big mansion? What if I became the president of the company? It’s great entertainment to explore daydreams in your head.

Likewise we have all had the experience of believing in a goal so firmly that nothing would stand in the way. We knew that fulfillment was only a matter of time. Whatever dreams we have they either turn into fantasy or turn into reality. What determines this? How can we get what we want?

I remember going through a phase in my thirty’s of adopting the dreams that would create a certain social status and being mesmerized by how things were “supposed” to look. The big house, the nice car, the clothes were all part of the program. The movement at that time was to replace your dreams with a pre-formulated template and approach.

I noticed an interesting shift in my attitude at that time. Everything became goal oriented and routine activities were under scrutiny to remove any frivolous aspect. You scheduled parties with friends for the goal of unwinding. You scheduled evenings with your mate for the goal of spending quality time. Exercise was only done on a schedule for the precise goal of getting your heart rate up to eighty percent of maximum.

Measurable goals, that’s what we wanted and it was fun for a while but at some point I realized we can become so distracted by programmed aspirations that we can get caught in the proverbial rat race and lose touch with our dreams, frivolous or not.

Enter the mid-40’s

Another shift occurred as I entered my forties and my dreams took on a deeper origination, that of the soul. It became clear to me that we are on a journey with an express purpose, a meaning, that begs to be explored and that many of our dreams are actually a calling from our soul.

We long to find purpose but purpose can only be found deep within ourselves. At various times throughout our lives we hear the inner stirring urging us to go within and find out what our soul is asking for. It may be at mundane moments such as washing dishes or commuting to work, or during profound life-changing experiences but inevitably the calling of our soul comes forth.

It all begins with dreaming

Whether we are merely entertaining ourselves with wishful thinking or answering a call from our soul it all begins with dreaming. Through our imagination there is no boundary that can’t be explored. Lift off any dream restrictions you may have and take the time to ask yourself some very important questions. What do you long for? What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing? What will it take to make your life more joyful?

Fulfillment of your dreams is a natural process. Understanding this process and making it part of your everyday life is easier than you think. You’ll be amazed as your dreams come into focus with laser-like precision and life takes on a whole new perspective. You may find that dreaming will once again be a favorite pastime and in fact, essential to your growth.

Is there magic in dreaming? Just wait and see!

About Jean – Jean Slatter is the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach certification program, which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness. She is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance. 

In 2005 Jean published her landmark book Hiring the Heavens which introduces a unique perspective on connecting with the power of the heavens to fulfill your daily and life goals. Hiring the Heavens is inspiring people all over the world to create their world in tandem with the workforce of the celestial realm.

Certification programs and courses – If you would like to learn more about becoming a Higher Guidance Life Coach, please visit the program overview page. Jean also provides multiple self-study courses including Hiring the Heavens-in depth, pendulum dowsing, and tools to raise your Transcendent Intelligence (TQ). You can find an overview of these courses here.

Audio and Ebooks – Jean provides a number of audio and Ebook products, which you can find here.

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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