Cat’s Free Will

Jean:  I belong to Unity in Fresno and heard your presentation to us a few weeks ago. I also bought and read your book, and we’ve been discussing it in our book group and prayer circle.  I’m sure you’ve heard this many, many times, but your presentation to our church indeed changed my life all the way around. I’m sending you the following “testimonial” that just occurred earlier this week.  I hope you enjoy it, I sure have.

The first night in my new house, a 100-year old farmhouse, one of my cats named Boleyn got out of the house through a window that wasn’t securely latched. I was, the next morning, beside myself with worry when I discovered she was gone.  I spent a day worrying, and then decided to give this to my angels/Creator. I asked that Boleyn return to me.  Of course, I was at that time only thinking about what I wanted, not what might be best for all involved.

The next day, I saw Boleyn under the house, and she came to me and let me pet her, and purred, but when I tried to pick her up she shot back under the house. I put food and water out for her, and checked it every day, and she was eating and drinking.

It then dawned on me that I was being selfish, and I re-configured my request. I sat there and said, “Angels, I want what is best for Boleyn and the other cats and me. Of course, I want her to come back to me and come inside, but if SHE doesn’t want that, and it isn’t the best thing for her, then I want what is best for her.”  I then stepped back and stopped trying to make her come to me.

I saw her occasionally over the next 2 weeks, around the house but she never came up
on the porch.  Every time I saw her, I said, “thank you!”

Then, over the weekend, on Saturday, when I was getting ready to take the dogs out one last time, there she was, sitting on the front porch. It was about 10:00 at night.  I made sure the front room was secure and no other animals were there, and I opened the front door. I just sat there and talked to her, and she started meowing to me, telling me all about her adventures.  She came up and let me pet her for quite awhile, but would not come into the front room.

Sunday night, the same scenario, but this time she did come into the front room, just far enough to get some treats, then she whipped back outside. I did not try to force anything.  Both nights, I gave great thanks for being able to see she was okay, and for petting her.  It made me SO grateful.

Monday night she came into the front room and let me pet her, but wouldn’t come in far enough to close the door.  Again, we talked and she let me pet her for about 15 minutes and she ate more than her fair share of treats. You can imagine how many “thank yous” I said to my angels that night.

Tuesday night she was there on the front porch and I opened the door. In less than 2
minutes, she waltzed into the front room, and walked around the open door into the other part of the room.  She turned around, looked at me, and turned away and walked down to the water bowl and began to drink. I shut the door, and she started purring and went and used the cat box.  I opened the doors into the main part of the house, and she sauntered in and made contact with the other cats and came into the living room and laid down on the floor purring. She was ready to come home, and in she came! So we are all now reunited and man, I spent about an hour saying Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Cathy W.


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