Higher Guidance Way to Unleash the Secret Power of Wants (eBook)


Knowing what you want should be second nature. Still, there is unrest for many of you being drawn to the title of “The Secret Power of Wants” and you intuitively know there is much to be explored. Knowing what you want sounds so simple and straightforward, yet the symptoms of not knowing are obvious and rampant. The Higher Guidance Way to Unleash the Secret Power of Wants explodes the myth that we are motivated by our needs, and unveils the energy that comes with doing what you want to do. Learn easy methods of accessing your higher guidance to discover what you truly want and begin experiencing more energy, joy, and achievement with a purpose driven life.


Until you find out


Frustrated with your career? Listless and directionless because you don't know what you should be pursuing? Are you waiting on that magical moment of clarity when you finally know what it is that you want?

Can you imagine the feeling of energy and motivation that you would have if you finally were clear on what you wanted? You could get up in the morning, sure of what you wanted to accomplish and the purpose for accomplishing it. You would have so much more energy. You would feel like you finally have stopped moving in circles of uncertainty and are rocketing toward your goals!

Fortunately you can easily get that clarity and direction ... 


This expert knows you better than anyone else on the planet and can help you discover

Let Me Introduce You To Your Higher Guidance!

Nobody... and I do mean nobody... knows what you want like you do. Are you surprised by that? What about the feeling of uncertainty? That uncertainty is not because you don't know what you want -- it's because you don't know how to discover what you want.

But you do know what you want, and you can discover it by working with the Ultimate Authority on what you want -- Your Higher Guidance.

Just think about this... does anyone know what you are thinking? Do your parents know what you are thinking? How about your boss, does he know what you are thinking? What about your spouse? Does even a counselor know what you are thinking? Oh sure, they can offer a guess about what you are thinking, but it is only just a guess (and very often it is wrong.)

Only you know what you are thinking! And by accessing the Ultimate Authority of your Higher Guidance you can discover what you want and gain clarity without any doubts. Your Higher Guidance is the Ultimate Authority just for you.

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The Higher Guidance Way to Unleash the Secret Power of Wants

The Secret Power of Wants is unlike any other self-help method. The Secret Power of Wants method puts you in control, anytime, anywhere. Discovering what you truly want, and obtaining the clarity in your life that it gives you propels you on your path to a Purpose Driven Life.

  • Discover what you want at the soul level! This helps define why you are here, and what your Life Purpose is.
  • Stop chasing false wants and desires. Eliminate the wasted time and feelings of frustration.
  • Give yourself the strength and understanding to know what opportunities to say "yes" to, and what opportunities to say "no" to.

The Secret Power of Wants is the most accurate and decisive method there is to discover what you truly want so that you can move forward in life.

How can I make such a Bold statement?

Because YOU are your ultimate expert! You just need to know how to get the answers.

Before you even consider goal setting...STOP! This is the missing essential step ignored by so many causing their hopes and dreams to end in failure.

The The Secret Power of Wants book provides you with the methods, processes, and systems enabling you to work with your Higher Guidance to discover what you truly want and design a path to achieve it. Immediately start your discovery with a download of the e-book. You'll have your choice of discovering what you want using multiple methods revealed in this book. Follow the simple, yet complete, three step process to Discover your Wants, Design your Beliefs, and Create your Goals.

The Higher Guidance Way to Unleash The Secret Power of Wants shows you ...

  • How to access your Higher Guidance with fun easy tools that anyone can easily learn plus a bonus tutorial on pendulum dowsing.
  • Why you must let go of all the misperceptions about the energy of wanting, especially the belief that wanting is selfish.
  • The critical distinction between wants and needs and surprisingly, which one motivates.
  • How to vaporize your limiting beliefs and then custom design a set of supporting beliefs that ensures you will get what you want.
  • Why your happiness depends upon your ability to get to the truth of what you really want and how to determine if you are fooling yourself.
  • How every area of your life from relationships, finances, career and purpose need The Secret Power of Wants first to give you direction and clarity.
  • Why goal setting plays a secondary role to getting what you truly want and never works if it is against a hidden desire.
  • Transformative and fun processes to shift your beliefs and skyrocket your creating powers.
The Secret Power of Wants is the complete guide to take you from discovering what you truly want to the fruition of your dreams!


"I am now living the life I had only dared to dream of - I have to keep pinching myself! It is happening so fast as if the universe had just been waiting on me to make a decision so that they could open the floodgates of synchronicity. I am getting everything I wanted and I will make more money this year than all my previous years combined."

Briena www.sashphotography.com .


"After just one session with The Secret Power of Wants I was able to resolve an issue that had been plaguing me for years and the courage to quit a business that had been draining my energy and financial pocket. It was clearly NOT what I wanted. Instead The Secret Power of Wants has shown me how to bring happiness and grace into my life and I'm loving it!"



"The Secret Power of Wants just makes sense to me. Instead of wasting time chasing phantom wants, The Secret Power of Wants provides a connection to my core wants so that I know what is valuable to give my time to or not."

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Order the Secret Power of Wants and Discover what YOU Want!

Can knowing what you want really make a difference? Yes, all the difference in the world!


Given any subject; career, relationships, personal growth, financial affairs, etc, the path to a greater sense of purpose and joy starts with knowing what you truly want.

Yes! I want to take control of my happiness!

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  • Easy and direct methods to access your higher guidance and get to your truth
  • Blast through the limiting beliefs standing in your way and custom design a whole new set of supporting beliefs
  • A step by step process to discover what you truly want so that you can stop wasting time on what you don't.