HGLC Grad Treasure Hunt Membership

Welcome to the  HGLC Grad Treasure Hunt Membership level!

This is your opportunity to be part of the HGLC community and to continue your personal and professional growth.  It is very important that you invest in yourself – you’re worth it!

The membership will be available on the 1st month after graduation of the HGLC certification program.

The membership fee is $97/month. Click below:

Sign Up Here!

ADVANTAGES of the ongoing membership include:

  • Continued access to virtual classroom HGLC Grad Treasure Hunt.  This will be a weekly 1-2 hour session.

Whether you are developing your business as a HGLC and/or love it for the self-help possibilities, then this is your opportunity to get extra training to ensure your success. As you have already seen, HGLC sessions are unique every time and the possibilities are tremendous.  Each time you attend the HGLC Grad Treasure Hunt you are giving yourself the potential of massive insights and inspiration that could make all the difference in your life going forward.

  • You will have the opportunity to observe HGLC demonstrations
  • You will have the opportunity to go through the Practitioner’s Handbook step by step
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss procedural issues about your private business
  • You will have the opportunity to practice on each other
  • Continued connection to the HGLC community
    • Think about this: the Grad Treasure Hunt gives you a session/training for approximately $12/hour if you attend all four classes in the month. What a bargain!

Access to the HGLC Grad Treasure Hunt will only be available if you are a member.  

I am so excited about the prospects of this school going forward and absolutely delighted to have you on board. Be sure to click on the link above to sign up. 

A full description of the membership agreement can be found in the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of this page.