Your Soul has a Plan

Do you believe everything that happens in your life is according to a divine plan? If so, to what extent? Is every detail planned or just a general direction? Is life a predestination, or are we making it up as we go along?

My Guidance says there are many choices the Soul makes for the character-self to facilitate the design of an experience. (Remember my blog post about Heaven’s Kitchen?) This implies a plan. But not everything can be chosen! Not everything is known! What fun would that be if it was all predestination?

The Soul has agreed to play by the rules of the Earth experience, and this includes taking your chance with what Nature has to offer. For example, the Soul cannot know the exact chance genetic makeup of the physical body for its character-self.

We are a marriage of the animal nature of this dimension and the Soul’s plan. Each incarnation is new and exciting because you never know what you’re going to get! You are a surprise to yourself each time you incarnate. Discovering who you are in each lifetime is a big part of the fun. Nanosecond to nanosecond from this point on, the challenge will be how to create an experience that will explore your original intention with the combination of your chosen parameters and chance makeup from Nature.

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