Your Core Essence

Let me confess that I’m a self-help junkie.  I love awe-inspiring books and have certainly read my share but nothing compares to receiving your own answers directly from your Divine wisdom within. You have volumes of self-help books within you just waiting to reveal insights that are relevant to every issue you face.

Think for a moment about what your core essence is – what are the specials gifts that you have and that you are? The words that you come up with will be describing your Soul. Identifying this unique expression of your Soul’s Light energy is one of the most comforting and empowering realizations that you will ever have in your life because it will help you to know what you’re here to do.

The fact is there is no one else who can shine the Light of your Soul exactly the way that you do. Just like the sun, the rays of light emanate from the same powerful source but they are unique rays, nonetheless. If your “ray” is missing, then the full spectrum of light isn’t manifest.

In a nutshell, your job here on earth is to shine the Light of your Soul!

Knowing who you truly are (and what the Light of your Soul is!) will help you reclaim and resurrect a part of yourself that might be lost.


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