You must live it to know the truth of it…Written by Jean Slatter


We created this life on purpose, and that it is exactly where we want to be, and it is exactly what we intended to create.

From this perspective you can look at your life and all of those around yourself from the awareness that each of us designed our lives for the express purpose of knowing the truth of something.

We tend to place a value on life’s expression saying one is good and another is not. But all-is-God, period. Each life is a deliberate creation of God regardless of the value judgment we may attempt to apply. Our lives are an infinite expression of desired experiences of God. After all, as creators how else are you going to know the truth of something except to live it?


Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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  1. Chuck Gebhardt, MD on April 27, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Nice insights, Jean. Very helpful!

    I would like to offer a perspective that attempts to interweave the contents of this article, some ideas from your recent CM Journal Pages 16, and my own explorations in writing a book about closely related ideas.

    I suggest that we consider that each one of us (all 7 billion or so on earth) lives in a different universe. Each of us has a unique point of focus which originates with God’s infinite and creative intent, and which puts each of us in the center of our own, individual universe. This makes our universe unique in that we all have our own personal set of experiences that emotionally color everything that happens in our lives. This is why we cannot accurately judge anyone else’s behavior since we are all living in different universes, pursuing our own goals and separately motivated in our own individual efforts to attain these goals.

    Obviously, there is quite a bit of overlap in our experiences and beliefs that convinces us that a physical world exists out apart from each one of us that unfolds pretty much independently of us. What we see as the world outside of us is a compelling impression based on our shared creation. We have two powerful areas of overlap that blend each of our universes so thoroughly that we usually lose the awareness that they are all separate. One of the areas is that we all have the same consciousness structure out of which we shape and experience our lives. The other area is that we communicate with each other and share our most important assumptions and beliefs.

    From this perspective, I think it is possible to better understand how each of us can be doing the very best we can, yet some of us may seem to be producing what looks like evil and destructive actions. We have all lived through traumas that have distorted our emotions and formed confusions that we have yet to clear. We also have accepted certain beliefs as truths that are often still guiding us towards anger and frustration rather than peace, fulfillment and greater joy.

    When you put all this together, we see an image of a world that is a wonderfully diverse and engaging set of experiences. As we go about our lives, we have the potential to create anything we can conceive of. Using this innate power, we are constantly learning and expanding our awareness in support of what might be called the prime directive of our soul: to learn to transcend the confusion and to find love and joy. If the truth be known, we are all heroic beings engaged in a very exciting and complex adventure.

    Thanks for your marvelous contributions to our understanding.


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