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Where Does It All Begin?

Where Does It All Begin?How did you get here? I mean, really. How is it possible that you showed up in human form with this thing called personality and an implausible consciousness and, even more astounding, an awareness?

Quantum physics is proving that everything is just energy. They explain that physical matter is an “illusion” and that reality is more like a fantastic play of light on the 3 dimensional screen of life. They even suspect that we are a hologram.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Throughout the ages scientists and sages have spent years searching for answers that seem to defy logic, let alone a plausible explanation. And here little ol’ me is also asking “How did all this happened in the first place?” This Creative

Mystic wants answers!

Well, I got some and it changed my world. So sit back as I tell it just as it was explained to me by my Guidance. In all fairness I must warn you that some of this directly challenges widely held beliefs and the basis of many religions. Keep an open mind and check with your inner guidance to see if it resonates with you. One of my soul purposes in this life is to question dogma and collapse the need for ritual so I will not mince words.

Let’s go all the way back to the beginning. Before there was physical matter, before there was a personality and before consciousness. Before there was Light.

It all started at Source.

Source is before what we would eventually come to call God. My Guidance was insistent that you understand that this is where you came from. Why? Because Source is where the gift of consciousness was created as a partnership. What was explained to me next shocked me.

This is where an opportunity to be God was created

What does this mean? We can get a clue from the miracle of human conception. As above, so below.

Think of the womb as Source. In this analogy, Source is providing the possibility of creation. This is the field of infinite possibility that is often referred to by quantum physicists.

Out of this infinite possibility of creation solidifies a single, identifiable intention. Will. This becomes the egg in our analogy. It is a yin force.

Next think of the sperm as Spirit. My Guidance defines Spirit as the animating force. Once Spirit enters Will it animates that intention. All of existence is imbued with Spirit. This is a yang force.

Now think about this: once a cell divides it becomes two cells. Each cell is a separate stand alone cell. In much the same way Source divided and multiplied infinite number of times and each creation of an individual separate stand alone Source is God!

Within the field of Source
an infinite number of creations is expressed
animated by Spirit
acting upon Will
resulting in God and Gods!

Whew! I don’t know about you but this was a mind-bender to me. Never mind asking where Source, Spirit and Will came from. I tried once and it was more than this brain could comprehend.

So what does all this have to do with my life? What difference does it make?

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