It’s all for you…

You need to know this life is all about you, and it’s all for you. Each of us is in our own world and quite literally, your world revolves around you. “That’s the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard”, you might say.  Well, truth is, you are the center of your own universe.  Everything in your life is just for you (including feeling bad about children living halfway across the globe who are starving).  If you are aware of it, it’s in your life– your world.  This is God experiencing through you.

The Creative Mystic knows “it’s my world and it’s all for me.” From the character-self perspective, the universe is so immense that we can’t possibly grasp it. So focus your awareness on your world, your sphere of influence, the people and experiences that you attract.

Rather than saying something bad happened “to” you, adopt the perspective that it was created “for” you. Everything in your life is designed for you to experience. When you get out of feeling like a victim, you open yourself to the divine plan that’s constantly unfolding by you, for you, as God experiencing through you.

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