What would you do if this was it?

I believe we have come to an extraordinary point in the evolution of our consciousness where we are ready to awaken from a fundamental delusion. We are ready to awaken to the truth of who we are – powerful creators of experience.

We came from God and have, by divine design, created this life on purpose.  There is no other place to get to.  This is it.  Life IS a divine spiritual experience and truly the spirit in us knows there is no place else that we would rather be.

Do we evolve in consciousness and have the experience of learning? Of course we do, but this is not the primary purpose of our existence. As a creator, learning becomes the natural by-product or symptom of creating.

Have we finally reached the point in our evolution where we are ready to let go of the delusion that we are separate from God and claim our true divine nature and authority as Creators?  How would this perspective change your life?

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