What dimension are you in?

The Earth Dimension

earth from spaceThere are innumerable dimensions of God’s creation. Our earth dimension is just one but it happens to be the one we, as humans, are most interested in. The Soul does NOT create the dimensions but rather uses these dimensions to explore various experiences.

Each dimension is “preloaded” with an overriding program setting up the structure. Although it might be highly simplified, think of it like various video games.

One game might be set up as a war theme and another as a mystery plot and yet another as a skill development. Each of these video games will have a structural program within which you as a player must abide.

The truth is our Earth dimension is so much more complex than a video game that it is almost ridiculous to compare the two but at least it will give us a starting point.

This Earth reality, like a video game, is preloaded and set up by a number of default programs within the consciousness of God that create the structure of reality for the purpose of experience.

The Spirits of Creation

Can you guess what holds these default programs and structures in place? Angels, divas, fairies, and a number of other entities from the spiritual realm, which I call the Spirits of Creation are responsible for creating and holding these structures in place!

You’ll be delighted to know these Spirits of Creation are interactive and want to assist you in the creation of experience.

Your angels can gently remind you of the rules of this dimension and often intercede on your behalf to protect you.  You can call upon the Spirits of Creation to support you in accomplishing any goal.

My signature book Hiring the Heavens goes into detail about working with the Spirits of Creation to manifest your desires. Perhaps now it is easy to see why hiring the heavens is such a powerful concept.

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