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Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program

Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program

Welcome to the highest caliber of coaching there is! With Higher Guidance Life Coaching, you have the ultimate edge–Higher Guidance!

skyHigher Guidance Life Coaching is unique in the life coaching world because the coaching comes from Higher Guidance – the innate wisdom that knows everything about you. Higher Guidance gives you the fastest, most efficient way to get the heart of any issue!

You’ll learn how to connect with your/your client’s Higher Guidance to accurately channel messages for yourself and your clients in a way that is simple and straightforward. You will learn a variety of tools and methodologies that promote healing and wholeness. Your clients will come to know more fully who they are and what their purpose is through practical, engaging and easy to use exercises.


Designed for both self-discovery and as a viable career option, Higher Guidance Life Coaching will ignite in you and your clients a sense of excitementplayfulness and joy for the grand adventure of life.

“It’s like the most fantastic treasure hunt you can possibly imagine and you are the prize!”

The program is structured into four modules

  1. Hiring the Heavens
  2. TQ Advantage
  3. Creative Mystic Spiritual Studies
  4. Higher Guidance Life Coach

These modules should be viewed in sequential order!

Each week you will be assigned by your teacher to view between 2-3 hours of video (click to expand the headings and find your week).

The videos are broken up into approximately 20-30 minute segments for viewing ease.

Be sure to download any reference materials for that module.

I know you’re excited to get started so let’s go!

Please navigate to the module that you are presently in.

PLEASE NOTE: If the videos are slow to load, have a black screen, or seem to have stopped loading, click on the pause button, and then click on the play button again.


Module One: Hiring the Heavens

Module Two: TQ Advantage

Module Three: Creative Mystic Spiritual Studies

Module Four: Higher Guidance Life Coach