Ultimate Grace

Ultimate Grace was given to us when we were handed the key to Heaven’s Kitchen.

Ultimate Grace is symbolically the key to Heaven’s kitchen and the astounding library of cookbooks. Ultimate Grace is permission to make anything we wish.  All ingredients are available. Nothing is denied. You could look through the images and spark your creative juices with everything from the most common ingredients to the exotic and untested.

By divine design we are creators of experience.

Each life you would have opportunities to create new dishes or return to tried and true favorites. By divine design we are creators of experience and each of us has chosen a special “dish” we wish to create. Some are desserts while others are bitter greens but all are exquisite creations of God. Each time we step into the “kitchen” we can choose to create a different recipe, be it “chocolate mousse”, tuna casserole, a spicy dish, or an extravagant soufflé. What dish are you making?

Whether your recipe looks like the life of a professional athlete, a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, a peasant begging for food, or a tortured soul – ALL are creations of God. Remember, nothing has been denied!


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