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Tough Questions


The Grand ah-has….

We all have them. Those questions that stump you and finally bring you to the ‘Grand Ah-has’. Those miraculous moments when everything finally clicks into place and you get clarity. However, how do you get to that place of clarity?

Think about it, you are not just a viewer of your life. You need to be able to send and receive messages and ask those tough questions. These topics you might explore could be anything from a nagging body pain to profound soul questions about your purpose. Example, if you have chronic back pain, you might initially deal with it by resting and taking pain killers. However, when the pain keeps coming back, the Creative Mystic in you will probably ask the question, “What is my body trying to communicate to me?” After all, how else would your body get a message to you? Send you an email?

The answer is connecting with your Higher Guidance. These blog posts are direct results of my connection and through Higher Guidance Journaling.

So a few questions for you to think about:

• What have you done in the past when it’s time to answer those tough questions?

• How do you get your answers?

• How do you get directly to the root of any issue through your connection to Higher Guidance?

One way is through journaling, that I get the answers to those tough questions, and this allows me to constantly marvel at the beauty, truth and simplicity of the messages.

Ready to start answering those tough questions and get to those Ah-Ha moments? Check out my free ebook “Simple Ways to Sense Your Intuition.”

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