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Thanks for joining our [wlm_memberlevel] membership!

Below, you’ll find links to all the important areas of your membership site. Please feel free peruse the site and definitely let us know if you have any questions.

The [wlm_memberlevel]  becomes available the week before classes begin, so stay in touch with your teacher, and be ready to log in and get started soon! Until then, your access to the course is not possible. We just want to make sure everyone stays at the same pace and doesn’t get too far ahead of the group!

If the course has started, and you are just late on registering, please allow us 24 hours to process your membership request. We manually allow every new user access to the [wlm_memberlevel] so give us a day to get you integrated.

If you’ve waited for the class to start, and you’ve been allowed access, you can always access the course here: