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Where Does It All Begin?

How did you get here? I mean, really. How is it possible that you showed up in human form with this thing called personality and an implausible consciousness and, even more astounding, an awareness? Quantum physics is proving that everything is just energy. They explain that physical matter is an “illusion” and that reality is…

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Know Thyself as a Spiritual Being

“People travel to wonder At the height of mountains At the huge waves of the seas, At the long courses of rivers At the vast compass of the ocean, At the circular motion of the stars; And they pass by themselves without wondering.” –St Augustine 399 AD   It’s important that you understand how you,…

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Fooling Ourselves

Several years ago I attended a financial conference with approximately a thousand other people also hoping to achieve financial freedom sometime in their not-too-distant future. The well-known conference was expertly presented, as they knew that the primary reason for people struggling with finances were the thoughts hidden within the individuals’ psyche. Their way of getting…

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Are we worthy?


There is perhaps no other belief as pervasive as “I’m not worthy”. Feeling unworthy seems fundamentally ingrained in the human experience. So much so that I have to conclude it is part of experiencing the polarities of this earth dimension. Worthiness issues come in various degrees and levels but the one I want to talk…

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