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I just recently received an extraordinary email from AmondaRose Igoe. She has had some amazing successes with Hiring the Heavens, and I just wanted to share with you a story that she wrote about her experience with the angels! This story was published in the book Powerful You!’s “Journey to Joy,” by Sue Urda and Kathy Flyer:

Calling All Angels!

by AmondaRose Igoe

When I found myself on my knees in my office crying profusely, it became crystal clear that something needed to change, and it needed to change now.  Completely out of control, I knew only an extremely quick and effective solution could get me out of this mess!

When it came to living a balanced life, I’d hit my personal rock bottom. I found myself crying everyday from sheer exhaustion. Working non-stop, I hadn’t taken a day off in a very long time. My career mentors–the people I looked up to in my business–were telling me to work even harder and devote even more hours to achieve the level of success I desired.

At the time I didn’t realize I was allowing other people to dictate how I ran my life and my business. I went from a basically happy person to an emotional and overworked wreck. I spiraled out of control trying to achieve my business vision and didn’t know how to change my totally crazy workaholic behavior. This was not how I envisioned my life as an entrepreneur!

As I knelt on my office floor, I did the only thing I knew how to do–pray for an answer. I’d tried to change my out of balance life and out of control behavior on my own and nothing I did worked. It became obvious at that moment that I needed assistance to achieve my desired state of balance. At the least, I would certainly have to do some things differently. I didn’t know where to begin. Out of desperation, I looked for answers from a higher source….

From Heaven Above

Within a few days of my request for spiritual intervention, a friend who didn’t know what was happening shared with me that she learned how to change her life by increasing the divine help she was getting from above. Immediately, I wanted to know more.

Robin asked if I’d ever thought about hiring angels to help me create the life I desired. She’d just read a book called Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter that spoke of the many “unemployed angels” with specific talents and skills ready and willing to help those of us here on Earth. I simply needed to ask for their help, she explained.

“It’s very simple,” Robin told me. “For example, if you need computer help, you simply request an angel with computer skills to handle the challenge! If you misplace a ring, hire a spiritual detective angel to ensure that you find it.”

Wow, it sounded so simple! I realized quickly I needed to hire my angels and tell them what I wanted. I could use them for one task, to put together a specific business-building team, or to handle family obligations. Well, I thought, at this point in my life I’ve got nothing to lose—I might as well give it a try! 

Though I considered myself a spiritual person, I’d never actively or consistently sought out the help of angels. At the time, I believed in the existence of angels—kind of–so figured I had nothing to lose. Immediately I began to hire away, and the results astounded me! For example, my dear friend Carol was getting married outdoors in the California hills, surrounded by beautiful red oak trees. The weather forecaster had predicted a full day of rain, and indeed there was a torrential downpour outside.

I couldn’t let this happen to Carol, so I said “I need a Perfect Weather Angel right now to clear the rain and bring out the sun! Carol deserves a beautiful wedding day!” Within in five minutes of my request the rain stopped completely and the skies became crystal clear and a beautiful shade of light blue. Thanks to the angels, my dear friend had the most glorious outdoor wedding imaginable!  At one point, just as she and her husband were saying their beautiful vows, we even saw the sun and the moon in the sky. From that moment on, I requested angelic help all the way through the next day–we never saw another drop of rain or cloud in the sky!

My angels created much magic in my life as well. Since starting my own business in 2004, I’d carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I believed the success of my business was determined by how hard I was willing to work and the amount of hours I was willing to put in. That often meant working sixty to seventy hours a week and taking very little time off. If I continued that way, I knew over time I’d risk my health and physical well being.

From the moment I hired my first angel onto my angelic business-building team, I no longer felt alone. Immediately, help seemed available to me 24/7, and no task or challenge proved too big to handle. Since then I’ve employed on my business-building team a “Prosperity and Abundance Creator,” “Priceless Personal Assistant Angel,” “Master Marketing Angel,” “Positive People Plus Attitude Monitor Angel,” and many more!

As a result, new business opportunities popped up in the most unexpected and miraculous of ways. People began to ask questions and make positive comments.

“I see your business photo and name everywhere,” said one. “What are you doing?”

“How is your business growing so quickly?” queried others. Because the power of angels is meant to be shared (anyone can gain access to them), I was more than happy to explain how to hire angels to create incredible business growth to anyone open to this concept.

The Creation Of Joy

I’d lost my love for life for quite some time and replaced it with the concept that hard work was more important. Now seriously out of balance, my angels enabled me to reconnect with my sheer joy for life. With them on my side, I no longer felt like I was completely disconnected from my feelings of joy. These angelic helpers simply required that I was willing to help them create what I like to call “magical, miraculous, and magnificent” results in my life.

Once I learned to ask for specific help, I began to see the angels’ quickness and resourcefulness in my life. Implementing steps that I still utilize today, I opened my mind and my mouth to ask for specific help and didn’t wait until I was desperate. I know now that angels are not limited by the timing of a request, nor does it matter how big or small the task–my angels have proven to me consistently that they are willing to help me anytime, anywhere, and in anyway.

After I ask for help, I express gratitude. For me, real gratitude means celebrating the small changes that lead to abundant successes. Personally, I like to break out into a happy dance when I receive the spiritual support I’ve requested. When driving, I talk to my angels and love to give them spiritual high fives! Any time something wonderful happens in my life, I make sure to say: “Thank you, angels!”

Finally, I had to learn to have fun again and to let go in the process. That meant I had to stop trying to control everything and start looking for more ways to create joyous opportunities in my life. It became very apparent that the more fun I had in my life, the easier and quicker my angels were able to help me.

At times, when I’d begin to fall back into my old pattern of not asking for help and of trying to do everything on my own I’d call on my “Ease, Grace, and Fun Angel,” a.k.a. “Grace,” and yell out “Grace, I need your help! I’m doing it again! I don’t know how to let go and have fun!” Each time I asked “Grace” to intervene, a new understanding and ease overcame me and eventually the overworked and out of balance person I used to be disappeared. As a result, my business thrives with a lot less effort on my part…

Counting My Blessings

The day my friend Robin told me about the angels was the day I discovered how to once again have real fun and experience true joy. My angels set my spirit soaring and allowed me to reach a new level of ease I never thought possible. Now I envision new possibilities that I could never have created on my own with only human effort. The opportunities before me are truly limitless. My angels know no restrictions–they support, help, and love me at all times. Whatever I need, my angels answer all requests and ensure that each and every outcome is in my highest and best interests.

Little did I know how simple it could be! Finding a permanent and continuous path to absolute joy and fun in my life was simply a matter of calling all angels…

Abundant Blessings!

AmondaRose Igoe – 6-Figure Speaking Goddess and Award Winning Speaking Expert –

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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