Spiritual Sleuths

My teenage son was upset because he lost his telephone list. Amongst his pacing, I took a moment to ask a sleuth angel to help him find the list. I asked if they could specifically place the desired list behind my son’s television. I then asked my son to check his room again–specifically behind his TV. With a roll of his eyes, my son responded, “I already did that!” But, to humor me, he went back to his room and checked again. Low and behold he came out all smiles with the list in hand. “Mom, I moved my computer to look behind the TV and there was my list. I don’t remember even seeing it close to there.” Armed with my celestial work force, I am now prepared for any challenge that comes into my life. All I have to do is ask, take action, and leave the rest to the Angels. I have always believed in Angels, but you have taught me how to communicate with them. Thank-you so much – JoAnn Meagher, San Jose , CA.


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