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Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Self-Study Video Course


The time has come for you to experience a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER from your celestial friends! In Hiring the Heavens In-Depth, you will learn how to…

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Hiring the Heavens In-Depth
Self-Study Video Course

Are you ready to take the concepts of Hiring the Heavens to a deeper level?

"Wield the Creative Power of the Universe!"

It is Time to Expand Your Understanding of Hiring the Heavens


Whether you are

one of the thousands of people already enjoying the benefits of cosmic assistance


or brand new to this concept

you’ll be inspired and learn new techniques to access the most expansive resource in the universe.


Discover how easy it is to hire the heavens and employ a spiritual workforce as your personal and business power team! With fun, familiar imagery and an easy “hiring” process, this approach teaches you how to recruit the resources of the Heavens and mobilize a talented and willing celestial “staff”! Applying these concepts, serendipity will become an everyday occurrence and worries will magically fall away.

Are you working way too hard and getting limited results?
Are you having trouble bringing things to fruition?
Are you overwhelmed and bogged down by details and deadlines?
Are you totally wiped and getting close to the breaking point?
It is time to realize that you’ve got help!

Harness the power of the Universe immediately!  

In this self-study video course you'll learn how you can
Break Free of the Law of Attraction!

Are you frustrated working with the Law of Attraction?
Sometimes the Law of Attraction just doesn’t make sense, and quite frankly not everything that happens (good or bad) is truly attracted. I’m convinced it’s not the only way we can manifest.

The universe is considerably more interesting and complex than what can be boiled down to a simple attraction concept. There is a higher law that taps into the overriding force and wisdom governing creation and our real nature.

You have more options than you’ve been lead to believe!

more-powerI’ve studied and practiced the Law of Attraction for years and I have stumbled onto a much more powerful force than attraction. In the years since publishing Hiring the Heavens I have discovered how unique and different it is from the principles behind attracting. Many others have excitedly agreed. I have opened to more peace, joy and practical inspiration …and yes, even some extraordinary miracles.

Whether you need help with your business, relationships, or personal life, there is an unseen workforce you have just got to know about!

More fantastic than the Law of Attraction and ridiculously easy to use, this power can be used anywhere and at anytime.


The time has come for a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER to unfold as you open to the Law of Grace.

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Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Self-Study video course

Presented in video online format; just sit back in the comfort of your home and enjoy this self-study video course.
I'll pull back the curtain so that you can learn my secrets to being a masterful creator.

Here's what you'll learn in this self-study course: 


Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Program pictures of girl dancing on beachWield the co-creative power of the universe!

Imagine having a best friend with you at all times, giving advice and insight for any question you have about your life.  Now imagine an infinite number of friends who are experts in every area of concern in your life and they’ll support you on a moment’s notice. Well guess what? You can have as many celestial friends, advisors or counselors as you need or want. In fact, they are waiting patiently for you to ask for their help saying, “pick me, pick me!” In this first module you’ll jump into magic and serendipity as you learn how to harness the power of the angelic realm to co-create your world. You will learn numerous exciting and playful techniques to help you develop a close personal relationship with your celestial team. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever got along without your heavenly hires.

The time has come for you to experience a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER from your celestial friends! In Hiring the Heavens In-Depth, you will learn how to:

► Develop a close, personal friendship with Spirit, Angels and heavenly beings

  • Discover a simple, practical approach to master the co-creative process
  • Create personal committees of Light/Spiritual Beings for assistance in every area of your life
  • Experience a steady stream of rapid ongoing miracles and synchronicity
  • Most profoundly, have an epiphany of the highest order when you come to know who you really are.

Go beyond the Law of Attraction into the Law of Grace and discover the magic in your life

  • Gain a whole new perspective on how you create – one you’ve never heard before
  • Understand when the Law of Attraction works and when it doesn’t and how you can make the most of it
  • Make the quantum leap into the Law of Grace so that you can be the master of your life, not the victim
  • Expand your awareness into the pure potential of choice

Understand the Three Primary Laws of Manifesting

  • Be astounded when you realize you operate as a Trinity in every moment!
  • Finally comprehend why sometimes bad things happen to good people
  • Learn why the belief “there are no accidents” is absolutely false on one level
  • Learn why sometimes you are the victim and sometimes you are not
  • Gain the knowledge to be the most effective creator you can be
  • Imagine waking up each morning knowing you have god-within and asking with great enthusiasm, “God, what do we want to create today?”


"Do you want to know what I love about your Hiring the Heavens?   It's the elegant simplicity.  To me that's a hallmark of teachings that attract me most.  It is so simple and easy to understand yet it engages you at every level.  It's just plain fun and so very useful at the same time.  Well, I have to go sing to my angels for finding me just the right edgy sweater in my best color blue at bargain basement prices tonight.  $7.49!  Can you believe it?  That's worth a happy song.  What fun!"


"Somehow in the distracting busy-ness of the last 15 years I had forgotten the power of specific prayer. You've taught an important concept though and I now have a company of about 50 angels in my employ these days. I am impressed at how down to earth they are and their range of knowledge.  They know everything from soup to nuts." 


"I have your book Hiring the Heavens and I LOVE it and I have purchased it for 5 of my family. It really works, from little things like finding a file to big things like finding a job."


"About 4 years ago, I discovered a little book called "Hiring the Heavens' by Jean Slatter. From the moment learned about Hiring the Heavens, it really sang to me. I felt like it was exactly what I needed. My life went from great to PHENOMENAL!"


"No words to describe the feeling of your insights - beyond gratitude & looking forward to e v e r y moment of this experience that you've brought through for us. I woke up a little while ago with my first "Good Morning Angels" moment. The whole idea of sending the Angels off on adventures on your behalf all over the world is just going to be charming all the time!" 


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