Higher Guidance Journaling: Level 1 (eBook)


We all have an innate longing to know ourselves. We find ourselves asking the question, “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of this?” This is the awakening of the Creative Mystic that lives inside of us. These big questions initiate the quest of the mystic and we find ourselves on a path of exploration and discovery.
This manual provides a foundation for Higher Guidance Journaling and a great introduction to some of the many useful tools that are available to you.

Find the Answers You Need

with Higher Guidance Journaling

I know how YOU can get the answers you need.  Answers that will give you more joy, more abundance and more success in every area of your life.

We all have questions about this journey in life. We seek answers in countless books and programs all promising the "secret formula" for happiness and success. Often these promises fall short and end in frustration. Why? Because vital information is missing! This information is so valuable it literally spells the difference between success or failure. None of these programs can provide the missing information because only YOU have it!

But here's the problem: you may not know how to get it either!

That's why I created Higher Guidance Journaling.

I'm Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens and an accomplished speaker helping thousands to achieve astounding gains in their life. I want to share with you how I have transformed my life and achieved more than I ever thought possible. I know the real secret, and it isn't in some book or in some course. The real secret is in you and I want to help you discover it. You cannot be your best without this!!

Study all the self-help courses you want and you'll still be missing the MOST important information!

The most brilliant psychologists cannot tell you this.

The most clever financial advisors cannot tell you this.

The most extraordinary life coaches cannot tell you this.

Without this knowledge you could spend YEARS, perhaps even a lifetime, barking up the wrong tree and going around in circles. The reason is simple. You see, the conscious mind is only 5-10% of your knowledge databank.

"Do you really want to make important decisions only using a fraction of the knowledge resource you have available to you?"

Are you ready to go beyond your mind to get the answers you need?

You have a treasure trove of answers just waiting to be revealed from your GREATEST untapped resource:


Your Higher Guidance taps into all the knowledge that has been hidden from your conscious mind. Finally you can understand and see with clarity so many things that would elude you if you simply used your conscious mind. Go straight to the truth and heart of the matter!  The answer to any question you can think to ask; from what's the message of a nagging body pain to profound soul-searching inquiry about your purpose is known by your Higher Guidance.

Access these answers with Higher Guidance Journaling

Higher Guidance Journaling is an indispensable tool for tapping into and decoding messages from your higher wisdom. Unlike typical journaling where you record your thoughts in diary form, Higher Guidance Journaling is a way of opening dialogue, asking questions and getting answers straight from your intuition and innate wisdom; that part of you that knows you better than anyone else. (After all, it’s had to live with you all these years.) Getting access to the treasures that await you is surprisingly simple and accessible through Higher Guidance Journaling. It’s fun and exciting – you’ll simply be amazed as you generate many "Grand AHA!" moments; miraculous moments when it all clicks and you finally get clarity.

Hi Jean,I have to share something with you.

About four months ago I purchased the higher guidance journal 1. I read it and thought it was interesting. I've never been a card, rune, or dowser type person, but I am a fan of journaling. This has now changed!

In April, I was riding my bike on a trail. It was a beautiful NW day. I was looking down and here was a beautiful pendant on a rope necklace laying on the ground. The rope had broken. I rode past for a couple of seconds but my intuition said turn around and go pick it up. So I did. I'm sure it fell off of someone that really loved it and knew they would miss it. The odds of me finding that person are remote at best.  I took it home, put it in a drawer and forgot about it.
Two weeks ago I was looking for something in my dresser and I saw the necklace and took it out. I remembered your dowsing section from the journal and I started swinging it up and down. Instantly the pendant started changing direction and making clockwise circles. They got bigger and bigger. I went to my nightstand and pulled out your journal and started reading the section on dowsing. At my request, the directions changed. I started asking it to do all kinds of things and it would. I got goosebumps and I started crying tears of joy!  I thanked it many times for helping me find it. My higher guidance and I now have this amazing relationship. It has a name...Rosebud. She is teaching me to Trust and to Believe! Life now has much more meaning.

I want to thank you too! I love you Jean. You have helped me so much! Without your journal, I would never have discovered this gift from the Universe. I am truly grateful.

Big hugs and love,


Nothing can be as empowering as knowing you have answers... answers with clarity, direction, and purpose!

  • Have fun gaining insight into the purpose of your life.
  • Understand what you are here to learn, and what is next on the agenda!
  • Rather than staying up late at night, restless with unease, let your Higher Guidance reassure you with insightful self-discovery and comfort.
  • Feel confident and assured in your decisions. Know why, how, and when to take action.
  • Gain much deeper insight into your love relationships.
  • Find out what you truly need from a relationship.
  • Get clarity as to why something happens in your relationships.
  • Use your insights as a tool for deeper exploration and discovery with your partner.
  • Explore the relationship with your children.
  • Understand the action / reaction cycle and the drivers behind it.
  • Gain a sense of power and control over your life by understanding the forces that are shaping your life.
  • Understand the difference between YOUR true goals and what are just "wants".
  • Apply your insight to achieve more goals faster than you thought possible.
  • And a lot more!

Get started now with Higher Guidance Journaling: Level I. Everything you need to begin a true dialog with your Higher Guidance is included.

Higher Guidance Journaling will help illuminate the big mysteries of your soul “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of my experience?”.  Actually, this innate longing to know ourselves is what I call the awakening of the Creative Mystic that lives inside of us. We wonder how does our life and soul intertwine and what does it matter?  These big questions initiate the quest of the mystic soul and launch us on a path of exploration and discovery. Let your Higher Guidance be your guide. Here’s what you’ll get;

  • A simple method for establishing a trusted relationship with your Higher Guidance.
  • How to distinguish the voice of your Higher Guidance from the voice of your mind.
  • How to ask questions so that you receive an accurate answer to the question you want.
  • Tips, rules and guidelines for communicating with your Higher Guidance.
  • Introduction to divination tools such as Tarot and Runes and Numerology.
  • Introduction to pendulum dowsing.
  • A handy journaling form for effective dialogue that you can print out and copy.

This manual provides a foundation for Higher Guidance Journaling and a great introduction to some of the many useful tools that are available to you.  Within a very short time you will become proficient at receiving answers straight from your Higher Guidance and wonder how you ever got along without your Higher Guidance Journaling.

So let's get you started -- the right way -- today.... for a lifetime of wisdom and clarity direct from your Higher Guidance!

You're going to LOVE it!

The Journey Begins… "It's like a fantastic treasure hunt and YOU are the prize"

Claim your passport to clarity, direction and purpose!

“Yes! You can have loving relationships.”

“Yes! You can create financial abundance in your life.”

“Yes! You can be certain of your purpose and direction in life.”