HGLC Master Training

$330.00 / month

This is your chance to join Jean and an enthusiastic group of like-minded individuals as we explore the boundless possibilities of connecting with our Higher Guidance.
You’ll receive the latest updates and innovations in HGLC training. Whether you’re a seasoned HGLC life coach or just starting your journey, this class is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their practice to new heights.
○ You’ll receive new updates, techniques, and simplified training of the HGLC material
○ You’ll have the chance to bring your issues to the table for Higher Guidance to resolve
○ You’ll witness live HGLC sessions, unscripted and free-flowing with the direction of Higher Guidance
○ This interactive approach will inspire you to trust your intuition and promote advances in both your personal and professional life
○ You’ll have the chance to ask Jean your most pressing questions and receive immediate Higher Guidance direction ensuring you walk away with profound clarity
○ Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 12 noon Pacific Time
○ 60 – 90 minute sessions