Playing the Part

From the human perspective we can judge right and wrong thoughts, but ultimately from the God level there is only experience.  There is no right and no wrong, no inferior and no superior, and no inappropriate desire.

When I first came to this realization, my guidance directed me to a card that read:

“This reality (illusion) is a collaboration of all actors playing their parts and its success is measured by the degree to which each member is inspired and devoted in his or her contribution.”

The closest truth is that we are a play of Light on a three-dimensional screen for the purpose of experience. This is God’s movie! If, in this movie we need a hero, for example, well… how can we have a hero without a villain?  How can anyone experience being the hero if there is nothing and no one to rescue and no one to fight against?

From the human point of view (the one who is fully engaged in the experience), do atrocious acts such as murder, theft, abuse, etc., seem wrong?  Absolutely! We are outraged and perhaps this is what inspires the hero in all of us.  To right the wrongs, fight for freedom and do the right thing.  There is no need to give up this duality because it is precisely how an experience is designed. Let us all be inspired and devoted in our contribution to the experience.

Duality is the name of the game on the earth dimension but what about when the human body dies? What about our Soul?


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