Peta’s Hiring the Heavens Success StoryWritten by Jean Slatter


I received such a wonderful email today. Although it is lengthy, it is extremely entertaining and such a pleasure to read! I love Hiring the Heavens success stories!


… “I would like to tell you my angel story…


Obviously with or without  an actual copy of your book in my hand, I was not going to miss a moment in ‘testing’ out your experiences.  Big mistake –  I was  already taking this way to seriously. I couldn’t help my self going into judgement etc..which was crazy, as I said before I already was quite at ease at asking the Universe for things. And have them show up in a recognisable way and especially in the last few months I was totally aware of all the synchronistic events that were taking place on an increasing regular basis in my life.


Anyway the first couple of occasions I just asked for immediate type help without much  thought and with this – I’m ashamed to say, less than gracious attitude….and although the outcome on both occasions might have come via angelic assistance, it could also be argued that they did not. So last night before I  went to bed I called in a team of celestial beings and  had a long conversation of what type of help I would be requiring and what kind of committees etc etc and because this covered all areas of my life effectively I would need someone to project manage and tie all the pieces together in a workable schedule…so I appreciated that this might take a while to materialize.


As a  house move has become necessary in the next few months, the completion of repairs was most definitely on the agenda and for sometime now I have need to replace  a door between my lounge and hallway. As the hallway is quite dark I have always wanted this door to be an all glass panelled door – but hey if I couldn’t afford to buy your book right now  the money for any type of door would take some scrimping and saving.


So anyway I look out of my kitchen window this morning and there someway down  the road lent up against a wall is ….. a glass panelled door of the type I always wanted!

 OMG! ..I couldn’t believe my eyes..I wasn’t even dressed. OMG! I threw some clothes on OMG! ..Panic! I have to get to this door before somebody else takes it away, I ignore the  guidance that was urging me  to  relax and   ‘go to the garage and get the low loader type heavy goods trolley that was there.


Naturally the door very heavy  and I can’t lift it. What to d?.

” Calling all angels, calling all Angels  I need some help here” I thought silently to myself.


 Not a soul in sight. So very slowly I start ” walking” the door by myself down the street. Suddenly I hear foot step….., fantastic that’s quick I think, only to turn round and see this guy, I know this person…he wouldn’t lift a finger to help me, he just stares through me and jogs on..

I continue to’ walk’ this door down the road determined. I can make it with or without help but all the while hoping for some angelic intervention…


In quick succession two more sets of people appear – a man in a car, who again just stares at me as though I was crazy. He drives on without stopping. Minutes later two young children and their mother who are stunned into silence by this strange spectical of a woman who appears to be in some kind of demented dance with a door….they too move on by without offering to help.


The road is deserted again, in frustration I call out aloud to the Heavens, my tone  determined and not without a hint of sarcasm “Come On! COME ON!  I need some help here! The slow dance continues just me and my unwieldy partner – I am resigned, I can make it, it might take me about 30-40 minutes but i can make it ….so much for …… suddenly I look behind me and see a man  fast approaching  – ” Where are you taking this?” he says as he picks up the door as if it is a small child.

 I indicate my building at the end of the street and he marches off so fast that I have to run to catch up with him.

Suddenly he stops and asks me if I will take a bag of shopping he is also carrying and  if I would be s kind as to knock on the door of the house opposite saying to whoever answered “That the shopping was from Rock-a- Billy Daryll”….


 Rock-a-Billy Daryll !?  “What kind of name is that, I thought”?.. Nobody has a name like that!  Except perhaps for a musician or  an angel. – While I can’t say for sure if  he was a musician or not but there was no doubt in my mind he was Heaven sent. .As we stride down the street this Rock-a -Billy Angel said he was on his way to lunch and had a taxi waiting at the end of the street which is why he was in a hurry but he continued to carry my door  until he reached my front of my building . ” Bless you! Bless you!, Bless you!” I said my hands clasped in supplication.


Rock-a-Billy turned toward me placed both of his big, strong hands over mine and  said ” Love you lots, Love You Lots” – and walked out into day…….


True story Jean! ..Don’t you just love it? I know I do!. Not only have I been saved the expense of buying a door, the door that I always wanted, but I was given the means to have it delivered to my door. But more than this, this  Rock a -Billy Angel thought more of helping me than his awaiting taxi (meter ticking over) and his lunch date. …I am humbled.


 Of course you may want to know does the door fit? Hmmm well not perfectly,  I may have to pay a few pounds for a thin strip of wood to go around the door frame- but then I did not  ask for a door that perfectly fit the frame did I?!!!!


Please feel free to use this if it ‘fits’ your book


Sent with much love




Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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  1. Monique on March 12, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Hi Jean,

    This is my 3rd story that I have submitted but it was so amazing I thought I would share it on your blog. First I would like to say, everything I’ve asked my beautiful angels for has manifested! I hired a team of angels for my business. I didn’t go into great detail, I basically just hired a manager to oversee every area of my interior design and staging business but wanted them to focus on promoting and advertising my company. 2 days after I did this Jean, I received a call from a woman in Halifax, across the country from Winnipeg. She asked me to decorate a cottage that was going to be the door prize at the Cottage Country Trade Show in exchange for a booth. I asked her how she heard of me and she said she just googled interior decorators cottages winnipeg and I came up 4th on the search engine! That alone is amazing because I have nothing on my website about cottages! She said she went through the first three and thought they were not down to earth enough then she said she clicked on my site and loved my work but what really sold her was my picture, she said I looked like I was a lot of fun. That’s the 2nd really cool part because I always ask my angels that people automatically trust me and have fun with me lol! Of course I said yes to this “project” even though I wasn’t getting paid for it but it would be great advertisement for me. My next dilemma was sourcing out furnishings on a budget or for free. I hired an angel to oversee that and followed my instincts. I contacted a really high end furniture store that specializes in cottage furnishings and they gave me the furniture to use for free!! It was a lot of work but worthwhile in the end, the cottage was a huge success and they featured it on Breakfast TV along with a short interview from me. The promoter came up to me afterwards and said they liked me so much that I will be invited back as a guest on their show! WOW! I am so grateful for the help I am receiving, it really takes the stress out of everything I do because I know I have a whole team of angels working with me and I am never alone. Thank you Jean for being you and sharing this with the world!

    • Jean Slatter on March 26, 2013 at 12:25 pm

      That is SO wonderful Monique! I am extremely pleased that you are having such great success with Hiring the Heavens. It sounds like you have an excellent angel interior decorating committee that is working in your highest and greatest good! Keep up the good work. The angels are always looking to help you while keeping your best interests at heart.



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