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PLEASE NOTE: It is far better to download these files to your computer and watch them from a saved location than click on the link and try to stream them. The quality will not be what you’d like it to be!

To download, simply right click ( or Command + click if you have a Mac) the names of the videos (they are hyperlinks) and choose to “Save As” to a desired location on your computer. There is also an option to “Download All.” This does, however, take longer than individually downloading each one since it is a large file. Below each training module is an option to “Download all” by right clicking ( or Command + clicking if you have a Mac) and then choosing “Save As.”

Want to download just the audio from the videos to play on your iPod or mp3 player?
Download the mp3’s here! (Right click + Save As or Command + click for Mac users)


Hiring the Heavens and Your Financial Workforce on MP3

You can listen to this audio directly using the player below or you can download it for listening on other devices.

Hiring the Heavens Media Player

Hiring the Heavens and Your Financial WorkforceTo play, simply click on the link or the play icon next the link.  To download, right click the link and save to your computer.



Hiring the Heavens Companion Workbook


Please click on the image to begin the download of your Hiring the Heavens Companion Workbook!

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