Never You/Always You

Becoming aware of my spiritual/human nature has brought me a heightened awareness of one of the greatest mysteries, “Who am I”.  Although that answer could be explored through volumes of teachings, I want to explain it with a simple phrase; never you but always you.

Day to day I have been in awe of Life and marveled at the miraculous orchestration of each experience in my life.

One part of me recognizes that none of this was my doing; that all of it was created by a Higher Power.  From this perspective, every moment is an amazing interplay of divine intelligence beyond human comprehension.

Simultaneously, another part of me recognizes that it was always me; that I am the Creator and have always been so. I call it the “It was never you, and it was always you” idea.  This seeming contradiction is the only way I can really get the concept of being both God and human in every moment.  It’s a paradox for sure.


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