The Movie of Your LifeWritten by Jean Slatter


The Movie of Your Life

What fun it must be for our Souls to design and create an experience!  But how exactly do we accomplish that? The best analogy is to put it in the context of a movie production.

The Soul is given the task by God to create an experience which explores an “I wonder” thought of God.  One of the “stages” that the Soul uses to explore and experience is our planet Earth.  The Soul designs a movie complete with plot, actors, supporting cast, and set – this is the “movie of your life.”  Your character-self (your current identity) is one part of your Soul’s creation and it is your role to live the “movie”.  You do this for your Soul, and ultimately for the experience knowledge of God.  God needs you for this experience knowledge!

The complexity of the world that has been created becomes inconceivably complex when you realize that there are many “I wonder” thoughts by God, and that each of these thoughts are being played out in multiple concurrent, intertwined movies.  We can’t begin to understand the complexity of the interaction, but we can know that we fulfill God’s desire to experience.  This makes life so much more fascinating and entertaining.

It’s All For You

You need to know the movie is all about you, and it’s all for you. Each of us is in our own world and quite literally, your world revolves around you. “That’s the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard”, you might say.  Well, truth is, you are the center of your own universe.  Everything in your movie is just for you, including feeling bad about children living halfway across the globe whom are starving.  If you are aware of it, it’s in your movie – your world.  This is God experiencing through you.

The Creative Mystic knows “it’s my world and it’s all for me.” From the character-self perspective, the universe is so immense that we can’t possibly grasp it. So focus your awareness on your world, your sphere of influence, the people and experiences that you attract.

Rather than saying something bad happened “to” you, adopt the perspective that it was created “for” you. Everything in your movie is designed for you to experience. When you get out of feeling like a victim, you open yourself to the divine plan that’s constantly unfolding by you, for you, as God experiencing through you.

Knowing it is all your world, created just for you, helps you shift from complaining about all the things you have to do, to having profound gratitude that you “get to” experience life in this way. It helps you remember that you are here to know the truth of many aspects of life and through those varied experiences, know and give love.

A Creative Mystic translates the “have to’s” into “get to’s” and constantly looks at events as opportunities. Nowhere else in the universe can any of these experiences be played out. We are truly fortunate and blessed to “get to” do any of this.

Setting the Stage

This is the movie of your life and you’re the star! The best part of this movie production is that you get to play, not just one role, but three distinct roles in the movie of your life! Not only are you the main actor but you are also producing the show and at the same time you are watching it as the audience.

In every moment you are simultaneously and seamlessly playing the role of the producer, audience and actor in the movie of your life.

In order for a movie to really hold your interest there are a number of tried and true components such as a compelling plot, conflict or challenge, and of course, pursuit of love. Rest assured your Soul has done a superb job of designing a perfect setting for your experience, complete with an entire cast of supporting actors and props. Your Soul has “set the stage” by selecting the location, the time period, the character roles to be filled, the circumstances of the characters, as well as many other considerations.

Can you picture it? Let’s go behind the scenes and see what’s happening.

Lights! Camera! Action!

692067_61434325A great flurry of activity is happening because the Creator has had an “I wonder…” thought. Simultaneously, a Soul is commissioned to explore that thought and begins to outline numerous scripts for the experience. Each outline script is handed to a character-self.

The character-self excitedly reads his outline script and says, “Wow!  This is going to be fantastic.” What an honor to be given this role, and the character-self is filled with gratitude.  He cannot wait to get started.

First the Soul contracts with a studio house (astrological arrangement) for the best possible stage for the intended experience. Then the Spirits of Creation, angels, and fairies all scramble with the set and costume designs. Spiritual agents are contracting with the main cast, supporting cast and extras. Writers, cameramen, and lighting specialists are all hired to assist in the production of your movie. Great consideration is given to each intricate and elaborate detail.

The Soul then elects a management board (your High Council) to oversee the entire production to make sure everything progresses according to the outline script.

When the character-self walks onto the set for the first time she is blown-away by the perfection of it all; in awe of the magnificent orchestration that it took to create the stage.  Now (and here comes the best part) the character-self gets to produce her own movie and adjust it as it goes to her liking.  Not only will she produce it, but she will also get to play the main actor, and she will be able to watch the production as the audience.


Cool, huh? Could it get any better or more fun? What an incredible stretch of your creative Self to produce, act, and observe in the movie of your life!

And, yes, it’s going to take everything you’ve got.

The character-self walks over to the coveted producer’s chair and with a beating heart takes her seat. She brings the megaphone to her mouth and shouts, “Lights, camera, ACTION!”

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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