Lost Wedding Ring Written by Norm

What happened to my brother Norm is a perfect example. The story began to unfold one Wednesday afternoon, when Norm removed his wedding band and placed it in his pocket while he worked in the yard pruning bushes. Later that evening he drove to the pizza parlor, and as he took his money out of his pocket he felt something hit his shoe and heard a clinking sound. He took a quick look around but thought nothing of it until he arrived back at the house when, of course, he realized his wedding band had fallen out.

Norm rushed back to the pizza parlor but had no success finding the missing wedding band. Frantically he asked all the employees to search as well, to no avail. For the next two mornings he returned to search, leaving notes for the cleanup crew. Still no luck. He continued to scour his truck, home, and yard, thinking maybe he had dropped the ring somewhere other than at the pizza parlor.

By Friday afternoon his heart was heavy, and he knew that the chances of ever finding his ring were slim now. But then he remembered my telling him of several rather unbelievable stories about long-lost items that had magically appeared once people “hired” Heavenly helpers. Rather skeptical, but with nothing to lose, he pictured an expert spiritual jewelry sleuth standing ready to be dispatched on his behalf who would be able to locate his ring and bring it to him. Norm asked right out loud for this angelic assistance, all the while feeling a bit silly. He couldn’t imagine how the powers of the Universe could be interested or concerned about his small dilemma.

But the very next morning he experienced the incredible power of his asking. You see, there is one place my brother is sure to look each morning as he steps into his truck. It is a bare spot of dirt amid the landscaping, purposely left blank so that he has somewhere to place his foot. Shockingly, sitting on top of the dirt, was his wedding band!

Stunned, Norm tried to piece things together. Could the ring possibly have been there for three days without him noticing it? Maybe. He had stepped in and out of his truck at least a half-dozen times since Wednesday, each time looking directly at the small dirt platform. How could he have both missed seeing the ring and avoided even partially burying it in the dirt? There didn’t seem to be a rational explanation other than the intervention of some very special divine forces. An everyday miracle.

Why is this so hard to believe? Accessing the invisible skills of the Universe seems so far-fetched in our “I gotta see it to believe it” world. Yet I invite you to consider that many of the little coincidences we all experience are actually arranged from a limitless and ever-creative Source that has been responsible for the manifestation of our physical world since the beginning of time. The best news is that you can begin to cultivate the frequency of these miraculous synchronicities simply by asking through my “hiring” concept. You may feel tentative at first, but soon you’ll have no doubt that an extraordinary and loving resource is there to support you every step of the way.

I have heard dozens of stories of this divine power in action that are so incredible they give me chills. Although I enjoy a jaw-dropping testimonial as much as anyone, the true essence of my message is much more subtle and comforting than all of the sensationalism. Ancient Vedic wisdom sums it up by saying there are just two symptoms of enlightenment: we find ourselves worrying less and less. And we encounter meaningful coincidences of our asking more and more.

A gentleman named Gary understood this well when he described to me how everything in his life had changed since he had begun hiring his own angelic helpers a year earlier. Anticipating another enthusiastic account of miraculous proportion, I asked him if he could expound. He looked down pensively, almost as if he were stumped. With a little tilt of his head, he told me that he could think of no particularly intriguing tale to share. “It’s just all the little things. I experience so many coincidences and synchronicities these days that my whole perspective on life feels different. The best way to say it is that the struggle is gone and there is so much more joy. I never worry about anything anymore. It’s like I know everything is taken care of for me.”

That’s what everyday miracles are really all about.





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