Lose Weight Now

Believe me, I know weight management can be a complicated and frustrating process.  It has been a study of mine for years – not only for my clients but for me personally.  After 20 years of research I can tell you this emphatically:  there is NO one solution that works for everyone.  The reason for this IS simple; we are all unique and your weight program needs to reflect this.

My approach is as unique as you are. I have studied a wide range of modalities throughout the years and offer an amazingly comprehensive and effective approach to weight loss. I blend intuitive and clinical modalities to address causes whether they be in mind, body or spirit. Success is indeed possible, often surprisingly easier than you ever thought.

Step One:

Initial Consultation and Intuitive Assessment

First we need to talk. This time can be scheduled either in person or over the telephone. I need to understand your current weight struggles and past issues that pertain. Are there food allergies?  Are you eating right for your body type?  Are there hormonal imbalances?  Do you have organ stress? Based upon this information I can get some ideas about where to start.

I then blend my clinical knowledge with an intuitive assessment. This simple step is crucial to making the program personalized and unique by identifying your needs and concerns from a “higher perspective”. Physical stresses and imbalances can be prioritized to streamline the process. Even your body’s preferred dietary approach for optimal weight and wellness can be determined.

Additionally it is equally important to make sure the mind and consciousness is synchronized with your desires to modify your weight.  An intuitive assessment can address questions such as: Is will power an issue? Is there an emotional payoff? Is there a subconscious block? Discover more about Intuitive Health Life Readings with Jean…

Intuitive readings can be used initially or on an on-going basis to ensure success of your optimal weight goals. Start today to achieve your optimum weight with a personal intuitive health reading with Jean!

Step Two:

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Based upon the information received in the Initial Consultation and Intuitive Assessment I will make recommendations for blood chemistry testing if necessary.

When key nutrients become deficient, many metabolic processes are affected. The body may initially try to compensate for such imbalances. However, if they are prolonged, they may contribute to hormonal issues, metabolic disorders, increase in toxic load, oxidative stress, organ weakness, etc.

The latest scientific research can help to identify a person’s nutritional needs and customize an effective regimen of nutrients. The cornerstone of an effective health strategy is a nutritional and lifestyle plan that is based on your biochemistry. What your body needs is revealed in your BLOOD TEST! Discover more about getting results from Blood Chemistry Analysis

Step Three: Balancing and Correction

Now it’s time to put your personalized program into action. The information has been gathered from your interview, through intuitive readings, and your blood chemistry testing.  What remains is to provide you with an action plan with the optimal approach to acheive your weight management goals.  Possible remedies may include:

  • Supplementation of vitamins or minerals
  • Higher Guidance Life Coaching
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Supplementation of emotional remedies