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Who Wants To Be A Mystic?

I’ve been a “mystic” much of my adult life. Not in the traditional sense of sequestering myself away like an eccentric hermit living on a mountaintop contemplating the meaning of life. Who has time for that? I’ve got a family, a career and too many other things I’d rather do. And yet, I hear the…


Hiring the Heavens with Jean Slatter and Nancy Yearout

It was such a pleasure to speak on Nancy Yearout’s Today Show, Highroad to Humanity. High Road to Humanity was designed for the masses. For all people who would like to see a change in how we connect with each other. We are becoming a society who is angry, self centered and less connected with…

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Learn How to Ask Angels for Guidance with Guest Jean Slatter

The Power of Intuition and Asking Your Angels In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Jean Slatter, about how you can ask angels, or hire the angelic realm, hence her landmark book, Hiring the Heavens, by simply asking angels for assistance and guidance to help you in literally ANY aspect of your…

Meditation 2717462 340

The Power of Intuition and Higher Guidance with Guest Jean Slatter

In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Jean Slatter, about why it’s so important to tune into your higher guidance before setting life goals or making big decisions… or even making small decisions! The power of intuition is no small topic. Anyone can communicate with their higher guidance (otherwise known as your soul, divine self,…


The Movie of Your Life

The Movie of Your Life What fun it must be for our Souls to design and create an experience!  But how exactly do we accomplish that? The best analogy is to put it in the context of a movie production. The Soul is given the task by God to create an experience which explores an…


Your Calling

Your Calling If someone had told me years ago that I was going to be a spiritual teacher and write materials exploring the mystic’s questions, I would have thought they were crazy. I never set out to be a spiritual teacher. It was never a goal I deliberately pursued – rather I felt called to…


What dimension are you in?

The Earth Dimension There are innumerable dimensions of God’s creation. Our earth dimension is just one but it happens to be the one we, as humans, are most interested in. The Soul does NOT create the dimensions but rather uses these dimensions to explore various experiences. Each dimension is “preloaded” with an overriding program setting…


Get Access to Your code

Get Access to Your Code Here’s a great question for you; is there a way that you can access your carried-over information from past life experience, and the information about the choices your free will has made along the way so that you can understand more of why you are experiencing certain situations, and why…

you have come here on purpose and as such you decide your purpose

1 simple way to find your purpose

Your Soul’s Mission The idea that we have a unique purpose for our lives is pervasive and this idea has motivated us throughout time to define an answer.  My friend Dayana, who converses with a group of spiritual beings named AMAG, offers another way to look upon this question. AMAG says, rather than searching for…


What is Higher Guidance Life Coaching?

It took 20 years to hone, evolve and develop the keys to amazing transformation and astonishing healing wisdom… …but from those 20 years of insightful experience, Higher Guidance Life Coaching was born! Higher Guidance Life Coaching is unique in the life coaching world because the coaching comes straight from Higher Guidance – the innate wisdom that knows everything about…


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