Living My Purpose at the Flower Farm

What a beautiful morning!

So beautiful that I decided to bring my work to one of my favorite coffee spots–The Flower Farm. I just love bringing my work here for a change of scenery from time to time. It already feels like spring, and I feel so lucky to be here enjoying such good coffee, but more importantly, I feel so grateful to be living my purpose in this very moment.

It seems so apparent to me now that understanding your purpose in life is paramount. If you have an understanding of  what your greater purpose is, life seems almost effortless.

Purpose gives you the capacity to endure anything. If you truly know what you are here to do, every event in life seems to be a stepping stone to a greater, deeper understanding of who you are. Rough times are translated from painful events to meaningful, necessary passageways.  And the best part about it: the sweet joys in life just become even sweeter.

As I’m sitting here at the Flower Farm, I am full of purpose, feeling like I’m on a mission, and I am here to do exactly what I’m doing.


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