Lisa’s Experience of Creative MysticWritten by Norm

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Lisa writes;

I admit that I’m a personal growth junkie. I even became a
professional life coach so that I could help others with transformation. This
was also a convenient way to justify all the time I spend going to workshops and
sort of explains the tower of self-help and spiritual books that I have on my
bedside table. My teenage daughter told me the other day, “Mom, read a novel
for a change.”

Some of us are just like this—we crave the inner world. We want to understand the beliefs and patterns that shape our lives so we can make more conscious choices. We want access to our inner guidance system in a way that is tangible and trustworthy. We know enough to be wary of the many guises of ego even as we fall prey to be judgmental, blaming, and attacking of ourselves and others.

So it’s such a blessing when practical tools and practices
come along that can pull us off the self-reflective mental merry-go-round and
help us get our feet solidly on new ground. Jean Slater’s Creative Mystic
program has been just such a gift to me. Starting with learning how to dowse, I
began to feel that I had access to knowledge, wisdom, and consciousness that I
couldn’t reliably get to before. Yes, I’d have glimpses of it at times but
dowsing was an efficient and effective way to get it. Almost like finding a
room at the top floor of your castle that you didn’t know was there and opening
the door to find volumes of books with answers to the questions you’ve always
pondered. How silly of me that I never explored the top story before.

But dowsing is just the beginning, really just a tool on the
journey inside. In her Creative Mystic program, Jean has compiled a hugely
valuable assortment of processes and resources that are literally like maps
that lead to various treasures. With the Creative Self Illumination process, I
can dowse where the issue resides in my life, what would be the best way to
gather the information I need to better understand it, and the best way to
transform it. It’s the difference between wandering around in the dark by
yourself and having a trusted guide with you who also happens to have packed a
flashlight, water, compass, map, and snacks to boot!

Life especially these days, does seem to be more intense
than usual and I think that’s because we’re in a period of rapid evolution. I
also think we’re all up to the task and we wouldn’t have missed this
transformation for the world. And although pain is part of life, I think we
also need to acknowledge and move through the suffering quickly because we’re
all here to make a big difference on the planet. The tools in the Creative
Mystic program have enabled me to get in, deal with the issue, and move on much
more efficiently and with a lot less drama.

We’ve never before had to deal with evolution that is
demanding this much change from us, this rapidly. It only makes sense to use the tools and
expertise from someone who’s scoped the territory and can help on the journey.
Jean Slater is an invaluable guide and her Creative Mystic program is a must
for anyone committed to their own journey in growth and consciousness.




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