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Know Thyself as a Spiritual Being

“People travel to wonder
At the height of mountains
At the huge waves of the seas,
At the long courses of rivers
At the vast compass of the ocean,
At the circular motion of the stars;
And they pass by themselves without wondering.”
–St Augustine 399 AD

knowing thyselfIt’s important that you understand how you, as a spiritual being, came to be in a human body. You need to discover your spiritual birthright and “know thyself” at the deepest level. Many of the things I have been writing about may challenge popular belief and at some point you’re going to wonder where I am getting my information.

I find my answers within and my greatest hope is that I can show you how to receive your own answers as well. The time has come for each of us to access God directly, without separation. Deepak Chopra says our awareness of the divine nature within each of us is “hard wired”.

The desire to explore the questions of the mystics is also “hard wired” as evident in our yearning for meaning and purpose. I can tell you with 100% confidence that you will not find the answers you seek in dogma, religion or through a guru. How do I know this? Because truly, YOU are the answer.


For centuries, organized religions have used fear to suppress our knowledge that we are intuitive and spirituality connected beings. We were told that our very salvation depended upon giving our power over to the church and its representatives since we were inherently sinful and flawed.

Having direct access to God and our higher guidance was considered sacrilegious, heretical and in many cases, punishable by death. Hundreds of thousands of men and women were burned at the stake for listening to their intuition and “knowing things” that couldn’t be explained with traditional reasoning. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes it’s time to feel your wings – the wings you were born with.

Knowing who you truly are will help you reclaim and resurrect a part of yourself that (up until now) has been lost.


Once you have reclaimed your wings you will be amazed and in awe as magic and miracles are yours to create. And whether you’re shopping for groceries or watching the brilliance of a sunrise, you will have a greater sense of purpose, delight, clarity, joy, wonder, and peace. In short, you’ll have access to the “Wow” factor in life again. The first step is to have the courage to access your divine wisdom and “know thyself” directly.


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