Is There Purpose In Your Relationship?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and our thoughts naturally and rightfully turn to our relationships. Did you know that your relationships have a purpose and they don’t happen “by accident”? Here’s a simple exercise that can give you insight into the purpose of the two of you being drawn together. I did this a few years ago and was amazed at how succinctly the primary focus of our marriage was highlighted.

Couples are attracted to each other in a large part by the energy they put off. It’s as if our soul is an incredibly complex software program and included in this software is all the information about us — past, present and even where our intentions will take us in the future. On an unconscious level we are attracted to our mate because he or she completes this intention of our soul. There is purpose that will be fulfilled by your togetherness.

To find out what that purpose is you’ll need a Tarot deck or angel oracle. (You can find out more about using this method by visiting my website ) Shuffle the cards a few times and focus on the question, “What is the primary purpose my mate is in my life?” Now, spread the cards on a table face down and with no ceremony whatsoever, pick a card. Don’t think about the “right” card to pick; just let your guidance direct you. It’s actually best to do this fast so that your conscious mind has no time to think. After you have drawn your card, look up the meaning in the corresponding book for the deck.

Next shuffle the deck again and focus on the next question; “What is the primary purpose I am in my mate’s life”? Spread the cards and repeat the process.

You will be amazed as I was of the clarity behind the answers. This will bring about a whole new appreciation for your Valentine as you recognize and honor your soul’s purpose for being together.

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  1. Joy on September 3, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    I meditated on who I am and the answer was, I am the I am.

    The committee is working well.

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