These two talks that I had were with my mentor and very dear friend of mine named Dayana. Dayana has the special gift of being able to merge with a set of multidimensional beings called AMAG. Now, Dayana, AMAG and I decided to have a couple talks and we titled them the "Birth of God" and "Are We God?". To hear these thought-provoking interviews simply click on the play button next to the link below.  You can also download the mp3 to your computer by right-clicking the link. I really hope you enjoy it! And, please, feel free to comment on them!

The Birth of God

"The Birth of God" discusses the illusion of physicality and if there was anything before the realm of the physical. Sound intriguing? We give you the three key concepts to understanding how God came to be.  And, to really stretch your mind, we talk about how Dayana has uncovered the 28th dimension...

Are We God?

This talk simply answers the question, Are We God? But, surprisingly, it's not what you think... This interview really breaks the paradigm so be ready to have your world changed!