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Greetings, it is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to check out a very interesting new website Sheila Gillette is one of the most highly respected trance mediums in the world and has been channeling Theo, a collective group of twelve archangels for the past 40 years [you may have heard of her and Theo mentioned in the Abraham-Hicks publications as the inspiration for Esther to begin channeling Abraham]. Two free gifts await you when you visit the site:

1] A Guided Meditation with Theo entitled “Raising Your Vibrational Frequency” which features Theo accompanied by the Tibetan singing bowls

2] A one hour podcast with Theo entitled “Soul Integration 101 an enlightening discourse with Theo on how to accelerate your spiritual growth. 

The feedback from those who have downloaded these free
gifts has been phenomenal, and I know that you will enjoy them too. Sheila and
her husband Marcus host the popular weekly radio show “Ask Theo Live” where
callers from all over the world speak live with Theo on a variety of interesting
topics. I have found Theo’s teachings, which are at the leading edge of human
knowledge, to have had a profound impact on my life and thought they might on
yours as well.

Be sure to click on “Join the Theo Group” to explore more
intimate opportunities to stay tuned into Theo’s teachings. In any event, I hope
you enjoy your free gifts


Jean Slatter was a guest on the “Ask Theo Live” show. Listen to the following recording to hear surprising information about the world of angels.

Jean Slatter on Ask Theo Live


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