Weather angels…Written by Jean Slatter


Below is an email I received about Hiring the Heavens a couple of days ago. It warmed my heart so much that I just wanted to share it today.

Message: Hi Jean,

Yesterday, I listened to the replay of your interview with Cindy Kubica. Although I have listened to your interviews before, this one really had an impact on me because of the things you said about sometimes not getting what you ask for. I am that kind of person that is concerned about asking when there are so many hungry children in the World. Yet, somehow, what you and Cindy said, resonated with me, and I decided to hire from the heavens.

I planned to spend an afternoon working in my backyard and waited for my friend to help me because she was going to lend me her lawnmower. She was late, and it became colder and sky became grayer. So, I asked very nicely for my friend to hurry up. While waited, I decided to look up the weather forecast, and it said it was going to rain in 45 minutes. So, I asked again if rain could be postponed for 2 hours so I would have just enough time for us to finish mowing the backyard.

Well guess what? She appeared 10 minutes after I hired from the heavens and then it started raining exactly 2 hours later!!! Just as we put the equipment away and got inside it started pouring heavily outside. I was so grateful.
But there is more! After I finished few more things, got showered and in bed I realized my muscles were sore. I am not used to that much physical work and my body was hurting all over. Then I remembered you and decided to hire again. I asked for a body massage specialist to treat my body during the night until it was fine, and also, if he feels he needs help, to hire an assistant. LOL That morning, I woke up naturally, fully rested before my alarm went off. As I do every morning, I played some recordings and noticed that my hands still felt sore. So, I asked a massage specialist if he could fix my hands now while I listened to the recording. I closed my eyes and received most amazing massage, which included the whole arms and shoulders. This is amazing! I am so grateful so I just wanted to share my experience with you.

Also, I am happy to report that I frequently ask for help if I misplace or cannot find things I am looking for. I just have to focus for a minute and things just appear. I have been divorced for a year now, and I am living alone which can be scary sometimes. So, I hired a Protector of my property (whom I ask for help especially during the storms), Protector of my home and also a Personal body/spirit guard that is always by my side keeping me safe and keeping my energy field safe from all negative things.

Just this morning, I hired a spiritual body movement trainer, inspirational trainer that will inspire me to move more, a nutritionist and physical exercise assistant to help me get up in the morning and run. I am looking forward to seeing how much fun we will have.

Thank you so much for your work Jean, it is amazing. Thank you for opening a space for all the rest of us.

Much love to you,


Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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