How to Break BeliefsWritten by Jean Slatter

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I love Snickers candy bars.  Who can resist that heavenly combination of peanuts, caramel and chocolate? Sadly, I don’t eat them very often because of their effect on my blood sugar. I would love to magically transform the energy of Snickers to a super food that could sustain life on the planet but I have not been successful at that yet.

You might think it’s silly to even entertain such an idea but what if it can be done? I believe it IS possible and furthermore I believe others have already done similar feats by breaking the structural belief behind it.

Structural Beliefs

Let’s get a clearer definition of what structural beliefs are. First of all they are far more than mere opinions (although there is some blurring of the line between opinions and beliefs.) Generally speaking, structural beliefs are strongly held attitudes, ideas, ways of thinking, and viewpoints that have been in existence long enough to create a sort of solidity. They can originate in mass consciousness, cultural and family systems and even on an individual soul level. All it takes to create a structural belief is an agreement from the participants of its validity or a strong emotional tie.

These structural beliefs help to define the context within which an experience will be created.  Your Soul wisely chooses the body in which it wishes to incarnate because of the beliefs that will be inherited. Your Soul considers many of these beliefs integral to the creation of its desired experience so in a way we are “fated” to these beliefs.  But does that mean we are stuck with them throughout our life?

The type of structural beliefs I’m talking about are evident everywhere. They are strong and pervasive. For example, if you were born in India and part of the caste system you would grow up naturally adopting those beliefs.  Other examples might be beliefs of what it means to be an American, what girls/boys do or don’t do, what is proper etiquette, what is possible for the human body to do, etc.

Some beliefs seem to be more rigid. These structural beliefs may have been agreed upon at a Soul level before incarnation rather than acquired through civilization or environment. You might think that the effect of sugar on the human body is across the board in the earth experience and therefore set in stone. But what if it is also simply a belief, and if so, can be modified?

Our Play of Fate and Free Will

In the previous Journal Pages we discussed fate and free will, an enigmatic phenomenon within duality that exists simultaneously as two sides of the same coin. Like in the card game analogy, we are locked in an inexplicable dance of fate and free will by the cards we are dealt and the choices we make as we play our cards.

Think of some of the cards we hold in our hands as the structural beliefs we came in with, acquired from our birth circumstances or create from life experiences.

Are we are stuck with the cards we are dealt? My Guidance says no.

What can be challenged?

Our power of free will extends to the very structure of this existence. As we grow in consciousness and recognize the origins of our divine authority we can begin to challenge the structural beliefs.

Some examples seem obvious and simple. At one time there was a strongly held belief that no one could run a mile under four minutes. But once that belief was broken, it became commonplace in major athletic events.

Even seemingly immutable laws of nature, such as needing food to survive, have been busted a long time ago by Breathairians (those who consume no food – only air for years at a time). This hardly seems possible and defies the basic functioning of the human body and yet it’s been done.  I believe this can only happen by the individual tapping into the truth of their divine nature and choosing whether or not to abide by the beliefs.

Is everything a belief? Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief, gives extraordinary evidence that even DNA is manifested from thought and can be changed as the thought changes. Throughout time humans have found ways to alter and change beliefs that were once thought of as indisputable. Are laws of physics such as gravity and forces of nature outside the realm of beliefs or we will someday find out even that line is fuzzy?

Perhaps we are fast approaching a time in our evolution of expansion where we are able to challenge some of the long held structural beliefs. It will be fascinating to see just how far the structure can be challenged as a growing number of individuals within mass consciousness are awakening to their true self and exercise their divine power of free will.

What are your unchallenged beliefs?


Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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