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Your Character-Self

How did you get here? I mean, really. How is it possible that you showed up in human form with this thing called personality and an implausible consciousness and, even more astounding, an awareness?

Although this is a mystery that has prevailed forever, my Guidance has boiled it down to the most simplistic of terms.

It starts with God
Who then creates a Soul
Who then creates a character-self.

Let me explain. Our God Creator, an infinite being with no beginning or end, has zillions of ideas that it would like to experience and explore. The moment our God Creator has an “I wonder…” thought, numerous aspects of God are created to explore that thought.  Not just in one lifetime either, but in infinite lifetimes from every different perspective and timeframe.  This aspect of God is called your Soul.

This scenario goes on for eons of time, in every conceivable situation and context.  The possibilities of what God can experience through the Soul are endless.

The Creation of the Character-Self

Each Soul then creates a character-self or multiple character-selves to explore the “I wonder….” thought for this earth dimension. The Soul creates the character-self and designates a personality and life purpose for it. The character-self is like the character assignment in the production of a movie.  It is the person and role you will play designed specifically for the experience. The character-self is the individual human in earth terms.

My character-self is Jean Slatter – I have been “assigned” this role by my Soul to explore an “I wonder…” thought of God. I am the character-self creation of my Soul.

Who you truly are is more than the character-self of the person you donned here on the earth plane. Ultimately we are all One but we are acting out individuality for the sake of an experience.

As your Soul explores the thought form from your human character-self you will bring unique qualities of your Soul to the table. In fact, you cannot help but do that because you are creation of your Soul and you are vibrating as the Light of your Soul. Your experience is reflected back to God through your unique facets of Light of which you were made.

Your Soul Group

You, as your character-self, are not alone in exploring this “I wonder…” thought, by the way.  Many Souls create multiple character-selves to experience simultaneously from different perspectives. Not only that, but Souls themselves also related in much the same way as humans are related in a family. Have you noticed that sometimes you just have a “soul connection” to another person? Quite literally you do!

Most of your family and many of your close friends will be soul related in some way. They will be your Soul group. You might say they are your study group, your lab partners as you are exploring various aspects of the same thought form and experiment/experience on this earth plane.

As I said before, this scenario goes on for eons of time and in multiple dimensions, in every conceivable situation and context.  Each character-self that the Soul creates remains connected through the Soul. It is the Soul that is the keeper of experiential memories; for example, when we have remembrances of past lives it is actually a connection to our Soul that is providing a glimpse into another character-self. Also, it is the Soul that serves as the connecting point for the Soul Group. Whenever you have a “déjà-vu” moment or synergistic moment with someone else it is actually a connection through your Soul.

The Body of God

Quantum physicists are proving that we live in a holographic universe. Let’s use the analogy of a human body and notice that within the body are individuated cells much the same as individuated aspects of God in the body of reality. Even though each human cell contains the code of the entire human body, the cell has been limited or “assigned” to carry out a certain function such as being a liver cell or a skin cell. Each cell in our human body is contributing to the whole. In the same way, each component and Soul of this reality is contributing to the whole of God.

Similarly to a group of body cells working together to be a liver or brain or skin, your Soul group works together in this reality to explore an “I wonder….” thought of the Creator’s.

Born out of wonderment

You were born out of wonderment. When God Creator desires to know the experience of being a tribal leader, for example, God has the power to create everything necessary to experience this. An entire “stage”, so to speak, is created with the complete consciousness to play out that thought.  The Creator of the thought now becomes the tribal leader and as well as every other player in the experience. Whatever the mind of God can conceive of is being played out in consciousness.  The life we know here on earth is just that – an experiential thought in action.  It is amazing to know that we are born out of wonderment.


Now was that a mind bender or what?

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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  1. Terese on August 16, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Do soul members of a Soul Group also show up in antagonistic (vs. synergistic) relationships with their soul Group members?

    If yes, how does one discern an apparent “antagonist” as a soul Group member vs. a non-soul Group being?

    I’m thinking of a scenario where one (or more) physical member/s of a family on earth has little in common with other members in their birth family, aside from general physical similarities.

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