What Hiring the Heavens is really about

Who you truly are

Hiring the Heavens is really about adopting a new paradigm of our relationship with God; one that puts us as an integral part, an extension even, of God. As such, we are being asked to consciously create our own world, fully confident in our seat of authority—and in our knowledge that the entire Universe stands joyfully ready to assist us.

Self and God

The same Spirits of Creation that are in charge of holding the structure of the earth dimension in place are also responsible for facilitating the creation of experience.  Since God is experiencing through us, it is the divine within each of us that commands the Spirits of Creation; they are standing ready to intercede on our behalf and create miracles.

This is a divine gift to you by Grace. Rather than blasphemous, it is your divine birthright.

Realize there are no limitations in the spiritual world so when you summon the power of the heavens you open the door to synchronicities, chance meetings, serendipity and yes, miracles!

Dare to create miracles!


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