What is Higher Guidance Life Coaching?

It took 20 years to hone, evolve and develop the keys to amazing transformation and astonishing healing wisdom…

…but from those 20 years of insightful experience, Higher Guidance Life Coaching was born!

treeHigher Guidance Life Coaching is unique in the life coaching world because the coaching comes straight from Higher Guidance – the innate wisdom that knows everything about you. Higher Guidance is the fastest, most efficient way to get the heart of any issue!

By tapping into the wisdom of Higher Guidance, you can get a distinct advantage of providing coaching that is uniquely relevant and personal to each client.

Higher Guidance is the only place you can get up-to-the minute, relevant answers to your life’s quandaries. Answers that are so spot-on you’ll have goose bumps.

We are all intuitive beings by nature – the key is just being able to tap into Higher Guidance!

Higher Guidance Life Coaching is a systematic approach that gradually builds awareness of and ability to connect directly into your Higher Guidance and receive accurate information for any area of your life. Anybody can do this – honestly!

It teaches methodologies and key concepts that make self-intuition a straightforward, engaging process relevant to your most pertinent questions. Tangible feedback from Higher Guidance is received utilizing ancient tools such as tarot cards and pendulum dowsing in a modern format.

Find out what our certification program can offer you personally and professionally.


“It’s like the most fantastic treasure hunt you can possibly imagine and you are the prize!”

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