Help Is Just a Thought Away

This is a great story from one of the readers of Hiring the Heavens.  It reminds us that help is just a thought away.

A sweet occurrence from this evening:  Looking for curtain material.  

The sales clerk shows me a section.. not right.. So I say quietly to my ‘committee’- the clerk has walked several steps away and cannot hear me:’ I want solid material that is translucent and solid color on both sides that would work for curtains and I need lots of colors to choose from”

In that minute the clerk has just come back and says to me: ” have you seen the $2 a yard shelf?  It is right behind you”  And, I turn around 

and there are two shelves of exactly the material I am looking for.  

There is more to the story,, but this is enough!!!


Thank you Jean for being out there!!



Susan Friedman

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  1. Lisa on June 17, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Love this story!

    Jean,I hope you might make another book to go with your Hiring the Heavens with more true stories like the one above. I am sure there are plenty more Hiring the Heavens stories out there that people would enjoy reading.

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