Heaven’s Kitchen

I have a confession to make.  I am obsessed with cookbooks.  I collect only the ones with pictures and read them almost like a novel.  I love looking at all the possible combinations and exquisite creations. I wonder what each recipe will actually taste like compared to the picture. Will it be as good as it looks; what will the texture be like; what other foods would complement it; will my family and friends like it?

There’s work in preparing a dish, but that’s also part of the enjoyment. Effort and thought has to be put into the planning and shopping, picking the perfect complement and the presentation. It’s wonderful to anticipate the satisfaction of the meal itself…seeing friends and family enjoy a great creation (well, ok, not every dish is a hit). Although I’ll admit cleanup is not one of my favorite activities, it is still part of completing the experience.

What do recipes have to do with being a Creative Mystic?

I believe a good analogy can be made between a cook contemplating a recipe and your soul contemplating the creation of an experience. Just as a cook researches and plans for a new dish, your soul has to decide what type of “dish” – or experience – to make before we incarnate. This has to be extremely exciting… can you imagine stepping into heaven’s kitchen and cookbook library and looking at all the pictures of possible creations for earth before deciding which “dish” you would like to make for this lifetime? What an awesome kitchen to be in! Each soul has access to this incredible library through the power of Ultimate Grace.


In my next blog post, I’ll tell you about Ultimate Grace.


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